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Who is a successful content writer on here, please?

Hi, Who is a successful content writer on here please ? I am curious to learn new strategies :wink: that’s of course if you are ok with sharing some of your strategies. I figured that content writing is a big market, so there shouldn’t be any problem in sharing strategies with the potential competition… yes I realize the irony of what I wrote as I was writing it lol look just help your junior, Senpai !!! lol don’t be stingy with the advice and suggestions lol Thank you

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Not a successful content writer, but I’d suggest that you make some gigs so people can give you actionable advice on your profile.

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Hi, thank you for answering. Yes, I am waiting on the 48 hours for the phone verification error to be solved. In the meantime, I was thinking that maybe there are other things that I could do to make my future clients be more aware of what I can do. I was having samples of my writing available but what type should I put and where ?

what does success look like to you?

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David, too broad of a question lol it’s like asking what qualities in a person do you consider to be great lol

But I will attempt to answer your question. Please do understand that it is solely based on my perspective, therefore should not be taken as the standard to follow.

I think success is having long term customers or recurring customers. Customers that come to you and trust you to be able to provide the exact kind of order that they requested. With said recurring customers will also come better income and increase my network.


I am new so please do not hesitate to correct my views if you are a more seasoned writer.

Before actually making your gig, go through the faq for sellers portion. There’s a lot of advice about gig seo and how to format your title. Then coming to the gig creation process, look what your competitors are doing. Jot down the similarities among them and what makes each of them unique then craft your own description, title and faq(do not forget to put faqs on your gigs). Use the tags portion carefully. Search your writing niche on the fiverr search box and see what comes up first, put those words in the tags portion of your gigs. Add a high quality primary image, professionally made, a video describing your work and put up work samples if you want to. Make a complete profile with a long and proper description that will be make a buyer interested to read ie make it visually engaging(add bullet points, small paragraphs, bold writings etc). The most important point about a new gig is its pricing. Do not say “I will write a 2000 word article for $5.” Believe me, buyers wont think twice before switching over to someone else. Most importantly, DO NOT say that you can write on every topic and niche imaginable because nobody can. If you have an experience in a particular niche, do that only, make a narrow choice and people will appreciate that, if not, be open to general topics but if someone wants a detailed article about the bosons and leptons and quantum theory, and if it isn’t your niche, do not take the order. Also many experienced sellers have written various articles on the forum itself about tips strategies gig creation etc, go through them.


@amritamazumder wow, thank you so much for this post. lots of great points. I have to admit I did not even anticipate the part about not being able to write about every subjects. Thank you for bringing it up.I may sound confident in my writing skills but I am also keenly aware of my limitations.

I also like the suggestion on the bullet-points. I think it is a good thing now that my phone verification delayed the creation of my gig. I have a lot to review lol thank you lol


I have to admit though, I was thinking of going for a low price so that I could get more customers. Thanks for putting me back on the right path lol

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Believe me, buyers take a writer who writes for only one niche or maybe two more seriously than a writer who claims to be able to write about anything. Ofcourse general topics can be written by any professional writer but if a buyer wants a specialised article written, he/she wont go for a “I can write everything” writer.

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Low price is needed at the start of your fiverr career but ridiculously low price drives people away. Think yourself, you see a great anf stylish shirt, you ask the seller its price, he says something which you know is way below the market price. Your initial thinking would be, the quality of the shirt isn’t good so he/she is selling at such a ridiculously low price but if the same seller puts a 5% or 10% discount on the actual price of the shirt, you may want to buy it thinking that maybe the seller is new and wants to grow his/her business so s/he is offering a low price.


@amritamazumder very well put. Thank you

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I am glad that I could help you.

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ok, I didn’t want to presume to answer. I feel successful in that I’m happy with my growth, but everyone’s definition is different. aaanyways.

niches are important, and focusing on one area of work. if you are a really good writer make gigs in that genre (proofreading, etc). but if you have one gig for web design, one gig for proofreading, and one gig for image creation, that doesn’t look as good. if all of your gigs are related to each other, but not exactly the same service, thats a good thing

for myself, I spent a lot of time making my gig presentation as nice as possible (and continue to improve it monthly. I began by charging very little for my services, since I had no reputation with reviews, I didn’t expect to get paid a lot and slowly have increased what I charge by whatever I feel the market will support, and supply vs demand.

I also had someone who already knew my work buy one of my fiverr gigs to help get one of my first orders\reviews

In the beginning, everything less than 5stars can really hurt, so I made sure to go so far over the top (and for next to nothing) to ensure I have done everything possible for the customer to give me a good review. Lots of communication during the project, to make sure I was doing exactly what they needed. If they weren’t available for feedback, then I worked twice as hard to make sure I didn’t leave out anything … trying to guess at what they might appreciate.

I think that’s all I’ve got for now… except, if you put your fiverr profile link in your forum profile, then its easy for people from the forum to check out your gigs

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Thank you for taking the time to share some tips with me :slight_smile: You’re right about not having too many gigs. I wanted to do a lot of things writing related, but I was afraid to be too all over the place. I do not have my gig up yet, I am still dealing with the phone verification part.

I went over your profile. You’re right, it is evident that you took great care of it. I will try to do the same with mine. Is there a rule against posting nature pics as the profile pic? I figured a pic of nature would be both relatable and soothing to the potential client. It also is supposed to help the client think of this gig as the gig of an humble, down to earth freelancer, nothing grandiose here :smile:

what type of content do you prefer to create?

I would agree with @amritamazumder about setting a competitive price. I’m a copyeditor who does rewriting, so it’s a little different than content writing, but when I started I set my price at $5 per 1000 words. It certainly didn’t pay the bills, but it allowed me to gain some traction and start getting positive reviews and, most importantly, repeat customers. Once my gig started to pick up speed, I was able to charge more for my services, and now I’m able to charge top-tier prices and my clients are all very pleased with the work that I provide!

It may take some experimentation to find the “sweet spot” in pricing to get your first few orders, but I would recommend either $5 to $10 per 1000 words for content. Go too low, and you’ll scare away serious buyers. Go too high (without a track record of positive reviews), buyers won’t have a reason to trust your quality.

Also, be prepared to share some samples with prospective buyers. I found that that really helped build that trust.

Good luck!

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For rewriting, people do not to do a lot of brainstorming. My first 2 orders were writing articles containing a good number of words(I do not remember) and I did them for $5 each. It was very exhausting and I found that $5 wasn’t enough for me to focus. Quality work comes with a good amount of money.