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Who is able to help me

So, Recently I changed my email of Fiverr account. Every time I withdraw money through Payoneer. My Payoneer account was also created with that email with which my Fiverr account was. But now the account email and Payoneer account emails are different because I have changed the Fiverr account email recently.
Today when I withdraw my revenue then it is when I checked my Payoneer then it is saying that revenue from Fiverr is pending. My bank linked with Payoneer account and every time I don’t even login t Payoneer and my revenue is transferred to the bank. But today it does not arrive yet and in Payoneer it is saying pending…

.Is my revenue safe?
.How can I get my revenue to the bank in this case?
.I changed my email so what is the effect of that with revenue transfer.

Thanks in advance!

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Contact CS, only them can help you.

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There will reply during those days are after a month due a lot of applications.
Listen! i had received payment to my payoneer but in payoneer it is saying upcoming…

Yes. I read and understood your question.

Absolutely nobody here, not even forum MOD can help you on this matter. This is an issue fo your account and bank and that goes through main site customer service.

If you want extra help contact Payoneer CS too to check the issue.

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Thank you so much for your support

Dear bro, contact the customer support.

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ok brother thanks yu