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Who is allowed to launch a pro gig?


Hi Dear All,:raising_hand_man:

Can anyone tell me who is allowed to make a pro gig? What are the benefits associated to this gig?

Please tell me can I launch a pro gig?




A Pro seller.

Only if you get vetted by Fiverr as a Pro seller, and then, only in a certain category/subcategory.

You can find more here:


Hi Catwriter,

I am full of gratitude to you for replying on the post & guide me as well as others.

Can you please attach here the application page & requirement form for me convenience?




Learn more about the PRO stuff here and how to apply.


@catwriter gave you the link you needed to find the information and @nikavoice kindly gave you even more direct links. Remember that other forum users do not get paid anything for their time on the forum, they are sellers just like you and they are helping you on their own time. I am glad you expressed your gratitude and you might want to keep in mind that forum users are volunteers when you ask for extra information. :slight_smile:


Thank you @fonthaunt. A simple forum search :mag_right: is always best in finding stuff faster. I use this feature often, it’s very handy! :sunglasses:


Thank you so much Nikovoice


And it’s something you’d expect from someone offering to write well-researched articles.


Ouch! :woman_facepalming:t4:

Or with a username with google in it - researching :computer: stuff should be easy peasy.


to know more about this. please see the article pro