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Who is buying on Fiverr?

Hi Buyers and Sellers,

I’m building a localized Fiverr website for Vietnamese market. At the moment, the number of freelancers is increasing steadily and I want to make them happy by sending them customers.

My current customers are agencies who want to outsource their projects. However, it’s not enough to push sales. I wonder who are buying on Fiverr so I can target new customer groups by advertising. Any help would be appreciated.

A hard to answer question. It will take time. Fiverr platform was built some years back and it has taken time for people to join and become buyers. All i can say is that i dont really know (who are buying on Fiverr but i know that everything require patience for great outcome

Another customer group I can think of is freelancers, they buy services from other freelancers. It means that if the community is big enough, it can grow itself. Yes, it takes time and my duty to find some way to shorten it.

So basically, what you are trying to say is, “Hey, I’m setting up my own version of Fiverr where freelancers like you can outsource all your work to.”

Sorry, I’m not in. If you are serious about becoming a professional freelancer you don’t outsource work to 3rd parties as the quality you get back is often abysmal. Moreover, Fiverr itself already suffers from talentless idiots bootlegging plagarized/copyrighted work which they have no right to sell. In this case, if you pursue the freelancers for freelancers model you’re just going to drive your website into the ground by building a shoddy reputation around it.

In the Vietnamese market? Marketing your business to Vietnamese businesses would be the first thing I’d do.

You are looking for consultancy for a start-up business. I suggest you go to the main Fiverr page and search for “business consultant”, choose one of the sellers in the results and then place an order with them. Your post has nothing to do with using Fiverr and is actually trying to target customers of Fiverr, posting here is totally inappropriate.

Why only Vietnamese? Why not the entire world? The percentage is very small of Vietnamese. You could have a couple of gigs targeted to Vietnamese but I would not advise anyone to target to one small country which is not one of the main users of this site. If I eliminated USA and UK I would cut out 65% of my business.

I don’t intend to target the entire world because it’s much difficult to compete against Fiverr since my funds are limited. Vietnam is my advantage because I understand the culture here, and most Vietnamese don’t use English. It’s a 90 million people market and I can see the potential here.

It may be 90 million people but it won’t work.
They are not all on fiverr looking for your gigs. You don’t need funds to make gigs, they don’t cost anything to make. How many sales a month are you thinking to make only from Vietnamese?

@misscrystal there is no need to tell him that it will not work. If he believes that it will work, then it will and he will do everything to make sure that it will indeed work. Don’t make him lose hope. Of course, you are telling him as according to true statistics but lets give him hope.

I misunderstood. The question actually was who is buying on fiverr. Men, women, teens, adults from all socio- economic groups and over 95% of the countries in the world. We do not have actual demographics and considering the scope of the reach of this site it would be almost impossible to quantify this.

I’ve had buyers in 54% of the countries in the world and some sellers are over 80%.

India and Pakistan are the countries who use the site the most.
United States and UK are the largest buyers on the site.