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Who is charity?


So a somewhat buyer just asked for a sample of my work. Said it was good and I may complete the required task. Then as I was just about to put the finish touch on the project I remembered that the buyer had not paid. So I asked the buyer to place an order. The answer was "the work is for charity"
1.Is charity a coupon code that automatically makes the price zero?
2.Do I owe charity any money and has now decides to cash it in?

Who is this charity that people think deserves free things? Can I change my name to charity? Does charity have a last name?


That kind of thing really annoys me!
Perhaps you could say - excellent, I don’t have enough money this month so can you give me some extra cash with the order?
Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue helping out a charity but not on an anonymous site where the likelihood is that the buyer is a reseller who is charging the charity while asking for the work to be free or cheap from the seller.


I would cut off all further communication: radio silence.


I would just block them.


@misscrystal @eoinfinnegan @psychicbunny after about a day of looking for all the material required and 2 hours of putting them together I hear charity wants free work. I thought charity organizations have at least a few dollars to spare. They shouldn’t expect everything to be free. I simply can’t donate to your course especially when I don’t have background information about it.


This is called forceful charity,

these charity people usually get every thing free as people would give them, and they start thinking that everyone works for them for free and start taking things for granted.
every one gives to charity, but that doesn’t mean for them everything is free.
I would probably;y report the person.


I simply deleted the whole conversation since I am not in a position to give out free work.


Oh yes, charity work.
I’ve had a buyer trying to make me feel guilty by telling me that the charity was going to help sick children. He even added “Don’t you want to help them?”

I’ve also had a lot of people asking for discounts because “They are just starting their business” and can’t pay much. Well I do kind of get it,but it’s unfair for the other buyers who has paid in full.
They usually tell me that they will pay a lot ONCE their business gets rolling.

Yeah…nice try…


How abut charities that demand urgent work, but refuse to pay the extra fast fee? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


There is a famous saying “Charity begins at home” and i do believe in that…I want to help others but when i believe that they actually needs my help…Doing the job just because someone says that it is for charity is unbelievable and obviously say no to this.