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Who is choosing finished gig examples?

Gig examples that I’ve done in past time are very random, and they aren’t very representative, because best pieces I’ve done aren’t there. I want to know on what base is made this selection, and can it be changed?

We choose up to 3 images per gig to represent our work. Those images can be changed by you, under “Edit Gig”. Depending on what you sell, you probably send a file of some sort to your buyer. You can also send an image of a screenshot or a jpeg of the work you’re delivering and if the buyer chooses to do so, that image ( or one of them, if you send multiple images) can be shown in your portfolio. You must have “Live Portfolio” turned on, and the buyer has the option of allowing an image to be shown or not. These images show up after the 1 to 3 images you have picked to represent your work when people browse through your gig pictures/images.

Reply to @kjblynx: To be honest, I wasn’t quite clear on what he was asking, so I tried to give a brief overview of how gig gallery & LP work.