Who is more important for fiverr. sellers or buyers


hi every one i face some issues in fiverr.
buyer do every thing he want. like cancel the order after perfect delivery or leave a bad review. buyer can force the sellers for every thing, and seller have to do every thing because he worry about bad review. i want to know that sellers are servants in fiverr. some sellers know that what i want to say

Petition for the return of the feedback system

Buyer of course but it doesn’t mean sellers has no value. Both is important but the aim is for buyer so they get quality work.


Yeah. They came to buy a quality service


Of course for both, in my opinion, we both need one another. Happy Costumer Make Us Sellers Happier and as a result we attract more buyers.


I agree with your some points. Some buyer really wants more than the ordered gig described. They force sellers to do some extra. If sellers denied they misbehaves.


right, but i want to say that buyers have many choice and sellers have no choice.

for example. a buyer contacts the seller and he say i need a red flower and he gave the seller 5$, and the seller did exactly that what he want, now the point is buyer have choice to cancel the or accept the order or force buyer for any thing else and seller have to complete the buyers wish again. and the buyer can do this many times. and seller have to do this again and again and again, because he worry about bad review.


yeah, sellers have to be choices like buyers have.


just consider the buyers got high quality service,
after a high quality service buyers have choice to cancel the order.

   why the buyers  have many choices.


Check disputes section carefully : https://buyers.fiverr.com/en/article/resolving-issues-with-an-order

If I was the CEO of Fiverr, I would say, both - buyers and sellers are important!

You just can not implement a “all covering” policy and make everyone happy when you are managing a community of millions of users.

So what they have made so far is good, just don’t blame the system and improve your service.

Why buyers have many choices?

Because they are paying!

Why sellers have no choices?

They do! As a seller, you can raise a dispute before your buyer does if you feel something is wrong with the order.

If someone forces anything more than what was sold, you can politely say “NO”.

Don’t waste time by complaining, improve yourself, the results will be more satisfying!


Why buyers have many choices?

Because they are paying!

so you mean that sellers are servants in fiverr. i just want to know this buddy


i see this https://buyers.fiverr.com/en/article/resolving-issues-with-an-order but this is not the answer of my question.
i want to say that buyer can force the seller for only 5$ to complete his wishes many time.

for example you are the seller and i am a buyer. i contact you, you say how can i help you, i say that i need a glass, and you say ok i will make you a glass butt i charge 5$ for this and this will take 2 days. and i say done just make this. after 2 days you deliver my order, now i have many choices i can force you for refund or i can change my mind that i didn’t need a glass i need a jug. so what you do after a perfect delivery, think about this buddy


Fiverr is killing quality work, I will leave Fiverr forever because of their changes. I was two level seller, I deliver the 100% of my orders in time, I have 4.9-5 stars, but I wasn’t able to answer scam messages and a few clients (one of the messages said only “Hello”), so, I am “zero” level…


Transactions are important to Fiverr.
They consist actions from both, sellers and buyers.
Sometimes the actions, again from both, are questionable.


Right now the market is pretty saturated with sellers and you really have to be unique to stand out in a market with so many sellers (competition). If there were only a handful of sellers, you wouldn’t have to worry about standing out as much if you were the only game in town.


both are equally important because if there wont be potential sellers, there wont be loyal buyers or customers… so yeah :smiley:


from a business perspective, Fiverr favors buyers. Money comes from buyers, sellers are just a tool. A product FIverr sells.


You already know the answer, with the little experience I have, I can say, fiverr always feels sorry for sellers

But when it comes to buyers, the seller is penalized.


We who offer skill and service to customer, then Customer Satisfaction is the number one priority.
“buyer can force the sellers for every thing” is true, But if the buyer satisfied with the result, they will provide you with bigger tips. If not, then it’s just your bad luck got a bad buyer. Simple as that.

There are many seller who complaint about how Fiverr handle things.
Nobody force you to join Fiverr at the first place.
If Seller didn’t agree with Fiverr Policy, then just quit Fiverr and do your service at other place :slight_smile:


You are not only one many people leaving the fiverr


Both sounds right. Without buyers there’s no selling. Without sellers there’s no buying. Or vice versa :smiley: