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Who is really enjoying #Freelancing? Be honest :P :D :)

in what sense, money?? Potential Relationship with clients?? Or really an enjoyable life?? :smiley:
let see everybody’s comment!


I don’t think any of us would be here if we didn’t “really enjoy freelancing”. :wink:


Could you please clarify this one?

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I enjoy Fiverr … but I’d like to have more clients haha


Enjoayable means, you are happy to go with your whole life with it :slight_smile:

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I really do enjoy it in every way. I can’t stand to have a boss. I can’t stand to have someone else telling me my schedule every day. I also can do much better on my own than working for someone else.


I really enjoyed freelancing somehow there is no time even on weekend to spend with family but the revenue is coming and life going well :smiley:


Having a lot of fun with weird client orders on Fiverr

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ahahah same :wink: :smile:


you’ve forgotten that the Buyers are “bosses”; handing down ‘instructions’ and ‘brief’, dictating the time frame within which to get the work done. Not to mention the endless revisions that are sometimes demanded. Can’t figure out the differences between the two kinds of “bosses” that are over me!

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Hahahaha it happens sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

yep… it is hard to make a name here as there are too many freelancers… but in one day ! just keep going i guess :d


You and I have very different ideas of this. My buyers are not bosses of me.


Yes!!! I enjoy the freedom and the challenge in freelancing.

Do you think that you are a boss of the guy serving you with burger and fries in McDonalds? You pay him, but you are not his boss, right?

The clients are our important part of our business, but they pay the transaction, and you should provide them with the delivery, that’s it. :slight_smile:

You dictate the time-frame. As for the instructions and brief isn’t what we ask for in our gig descriptions?

If you get endless revisions demanded, update your revision policy.

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money?? — Yes
Potential Relationship with clients?? —Yes
Really an enjoyable life??—mmmm Yes sometimes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah i do , Abviously money matters but i also enjoy my talks and dealings with new clients every day.

If you see a client as your “boss,” you’re doing freelancing wrong. They are a partner, buying an expert service for a defined sum. I consider my clients to be my equals - we are collaborators trying to create a great result for both of us - they get the content they need to grow their business, I get money, reputation, exposure, and (hopefully) a repeat client.


I love it! For the first time, I feel that I hold my future in my own hands. I love that I have the responsibility to grow my business and to make it bigger and better. Sometimes it’s frustrating, of course. But it’s definitely worth doing!

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I love freelancing!

I love working at home in my yoga pants with my dog curled up at my feet.

I love taking the day off when my husband gets a random day off instead of a weekend.

I love not driving with all the crazies on the freeways!

I love being able to balance work and grad school without dying.

I love doing what makes me smile every day.