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Who is Seller in Jul2020 members?

I’m Jul2020 New Seller in Fiverr. And Already 3 jobs done with 5star and Tip(2job). It’s my god Blessings.
And you?


You can see when any seller joined Fiverr by looking at their Fiverr profile.


@jonbaas he’s asking how sellers who started this July are faring.

I myself have had an account since 2019, but I opened my gigs and sent my first request a week ago.
So far I’ve got multiple replies and 1 order, which went very well.


I have been here since July 0f 2017. I did not get my first sale until 45 days later, so you are doing well. Especially consider that thousands of new sellers have joined Fiverr since the pandemic took over the world.
Also, there are 73,715 gigs that have to do with Wordpress, so your competition is high!


Please work on your English. “Who is seller in members”?

It’s not reasonable to expect people to try to figure out what you mean. If we don’t understand you, buyers won’t either. And they won’t like that.


I started on July but didn’t get any orders

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Yes mattboa you’r right and you’r doing well. Can you please share with me how to write you buyer req?

Thank you very much For your opinion.

thank you very much for your opinion.

This is totally false. Just because a lot of people in the forum and elsewhere parrot this advice, that doesn’t mean it is accurate. The time you spend active on Fiverr does not influence your success and I wish people would stop spreading this lie.

Please don’t say things you can’t corroborate. And think of it this way: why would Fiverr reward someone simply for being present? And how can it help you if thousands of other sellers are doing it, too?


You’r right but i think you don’t understand that what i mean? My active word means buyer find active seller. right? so easily a active seller got this job.

I started in late June and will get Lv1 this month

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I started on july 2020. I am a graphic designer come from Bangladesh…

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In some cases, maybe, but most buyers aren’t buying that urgently and they really don’t care. You’re just believing a myth.

Your argument also doesn’t mean more time on Fiverr equals a greater likelihood of orders just like ordering more lottery tickets doesnt make it more likely you will win.

Buyers want what they want and you being online a lot doesn’t change that, especially if thousands of other sellers are also trying to stay online.

And I don’t understand how you can tell people this is how it is if you have little experience selling here. Regardless, your logic doesn’t work.

People would sell things if they learned their market and designed gigs around that instead of doing these silly tricks.


I’m joining July 2020 active regularly but still didn’t get any job :pensive:

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Congratulations keep working @tutulmohajon08

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I get jobs every night while I am sleeping and not active on Fiverr. :wink:


awww really. I’m also bangladesh

thank you very much brotherr

oooohoo really good luck brotherr:)