Who is supposed to post at the Buyer's Request Page? [REDIRECTED]


Who is supposed to post at the Buyer’s Request Page?

Okay, I’ve been looking for buyer requests and all I see are sellers advertising their gigs. Why is the fiverr staff doing nothing about this? Perhaps they should impose some punishment like removing their stars or banning them for a week? It’s hard enough to get clients and other sellers are making it even harder to approach clients directly.


Buyers, like me, post there.

Trust me, as I only have a buyers account, I cannot see any request other than my own.

All the sellers you see are wasting their time.


that’s sad…seriously…sigh~~.


Only @gina_riley2


I thought i was the only one experiencing this –


It should only be buyers, but it gets filled with desperate sellers from time to time. I can’t imagine it gets them much in the way of sales, though.

Mod Note: It is best to send concerns and suggestions to Customer Support since there are so many threads about it on the forum they get quickly lost. For a post to add to in the correct category, though, you can check https://forum.fiverr.com/t/spamming-posting-or-demanding-work-in-buyer-requests-section-2017