Who is the best freelancer in fiverr..?


Who’s know that Person…?


He’s called Jim and makes belly dancing videos. He’s so successful that a few years ago, Fiverr decided to keep in a high security vault hooked up to an IV of liquid health in order to make sure that he keeps on performing.


This guy:


I’m trying to decide between President Trump, PM May, Chancellor Merkel, future President Macron and PM Modi…


@cyaxrex bro, can you please provide us a link of Jims Fiverr id so that we can see details of him specially I personally much enthusiastic to see the successive freelancer of fiverr like Jim as you said. Hope, you may help us providing his id link.


Yes, @cyaxrex bro, please kindly oblige.


Wow, thanks for the compliment man but I don’t do belly dancing anymore.


Look @djgodknows comment above. He has given the link.