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Who is the English test really for?

If English is my first language and I can speak it fluently, can I still do the test? Or is it for people who don’t have English as a first language?


Anyone can do it. It’s just about proving that you can speak it fluently.

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Yes, it’s for anyone. I think of it as a badge of trust.

It’s a demonstration that should someone deal with you on Fiverr then communication will not be a problem.


In addition to what others have said, I think that the test is also there so that those who can’t pass it can’t create writing gigs.


That won’t stop them! “I write you story 5000 words $5 best English”.


It’s a wonder how this test really works because if only those who pass it with great results could post writing gigs, then why the writing categories are full of people who can’t put two english words together without 10 grammar horrors? Not asking you, just really wondering why this is :joy:


they are cheating the test maybe :)))

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Yeah for sure, which makes the test itself pretty useless

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It is important for all there are many different countries buyer in marketplace

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All tests on Fiverr are pointless. It’s trivial to get a high score on any of them if you really want, so that means nothing. In addition, they are not well constructed, they have outdated or wrong information on them, and on top of that buyers don’t care. Waste of time.


Not great, they just need to pass.

Plus there’s cheating.

Plus many users have created writing gigs before the tests were introduced.


I used to think that, too, but then I saw a buyer request where the buyer wanted someone with at least 8 on Blog & Articles test.

It looks like some buyers care.

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Buyer request buyers are not buyers. What, you want me to prove my credentials and apply to your $5 job with samples? When I can just set up my gigs and sit back and wait for clients to have to prove themselves to me instead? Sure, sure.

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They do buy, so they are buyers.

You wouldn’t work with a buyer like that, and I wouldn’t work with many of them, either, but they do buy, and there are sellers willing to work with them.

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Sure, it was not meant to be taken literally. The point is that buyers who post buyer requests demanding stuff like a score on a bogus test are not to be trusted, immediate red flag.

I wouldn’t be so judgmental, some of them might be all right and just be new and not know enough.

I doubt that they would ever become your buyers (I seriously doubt that any buyer who posts a request like that would have a sufficient budget for any of your services), but some of them might become mine. Maybe. Just maybe.

Maybe i’m being too harsh, granted - but I’ve seen a lot of buyer requests that demand the world. It doesn’t even have to do with price, necessarily. But when I see a buyer demanding proof of everything, specially in a certain tone, it’s a red flag. They think they’re better than me. “You better be X, Y, Z, I need samples, perfect scores on tests, etc.” They are assuming that sellers replying to their buyer requests are idiots, pretty much.

I’ve seen them, too.


:rofl: I laugh at those. I might post a screenshot somewhere, so we can all laugh at that nonsense.

I didn’t mean requests that are full of red flags, I meant those that have one thing that might be a red flag, but could also be lack of experience.

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This is one of the reasons why I avoid Buyers Request section like a plague.

You never know who or what is lurking in those murky waters. :grimacing:


That shark is kinda cute.

A lot more cute than some buyers (the ones who demand the world for $5, delivered yesterday, with unlimited revisions).