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Who is the English test really for?

That’s one of those paradoxes I’ll never get. As a buyer why would I ever give preference to unlimited revisions? Sounds like a great experience, having to go back and forth 20 times to get it right lol. My time is valueless, and I love spending it dealing with meksells!


I remember a long time a go. I used to venture into BR when I was BORED and just for giggles, nothing more.

I was doing this :point_down:t4: the whole time I was there.

It just amazes me how people are expecting Million :money_with_wings: Dollar results for $5-$10 bucks.



Unlimited revisions means “I’ll take forever to understand your vision and do a proper job.” Why would that be desirable? To me it’s just common sense that it isn’t.

Why don’t people see how unattractive that is to ethical buyers? It’s not rocket science.

And obviously it Attracts scammers and unscrupulous buyers. And obviously having that in a contract means you have to do it…


Singling out a particular group of people is not nice. Plus it goes against the Community Guidelines.


i mentioned no offense to that group of people also i mean its helping them to show their english skills and build credibility for their customers
Its nothing wrong with what i said
I mean that was not the intention
If i offended anyone my sincere apologiez

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I can’t look at buyers requests without feeling demeaned as a human being.

I have occasionally tried to use buyer requests. On those occasions, I have applied for the best of a whole lot of bad projects and created a rock-solid bid that quite frankly, you would have to be a fool to dismiss.

Sadly, all this has ever led to is someone who doesn’t speak English very well (even though they may be a native Brit or American), who also has a huge chip on their shoulder messaging me to try and negotiate an even lower price or ask to see more proof of my abilities.

By comparison, I can go to other biding platforms, pay to send premium proposals on well paying projects (if I am short of work), and can be guaranteed that I will scorte at least one project within 72-hours.

Why people even use buyer requests on Fiverr is beyond me.


I’ve found a few great deals on BRs as a New Seller, but yes, most of them aren’t worth even hitting any button. A lot of what I’ve done that shows on my profile so far, including the tests, I did out of pure boredom. Like wanting to explore each corner of a building.