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Who is the great writer....?


I think… I want to some guidelines… improve my skills


Hello, what is it that you are asking?

It is not clear from what you wrote.


Your ‘profile description’


So, you?


This Duane dude, apparently.


Hm, aren’t you the same fella writing a book in the other thread? Cleans :eyeglasses:

Question: Who/what inspires YOU to write?

Also, be mindful of where you post. This post does not pertain to Community Rules and Guidelines.
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He’s Indian and drinks coffee. @writer99025


I AM THE WRITING KILLER sounds like you are a killer who also writes.


Or like he’s the writer’s block. Or like he is a serial killer who kills only writers.




The FBI has added THE WRITING KILLER to it’s top ten most wanted list.

This serial killer earned his nicname because every time he kills he leaves a long rambling written note about what is bothering him about his life.


I believe you were the “King Arther” guy from another thread.
Looks like you got rid of that gig, I think it was the right move.

So you are hoping to improve your writing skills (in English I assume) and that itself
is a very good thing. I’m not sure how your writing skills are in your native language, but
at least for English you have a long way to go. Getting help from a writer I don’t think is the
best choice. I think you’ll need to take English classes first.
Or you can hire a translator. Judging from the short and rather unprofessional gig descriptions I get the feeling you won’t get orders ( sorry to sound harsh) but if you do get one in the future you’re going to have some major communication problems…


thanks your guidelines…


Improve your English to become a writer.


thanks for guidlines


thanks to guidelines