Who IS this buyer?


Hi :slight_smile: If you’re a seller on Fiverr, there’s a good chance you’ve gotten an order from the Feet In San Deigo guy that always asks for something related to a guy named Jay.

Does anyone know who he is or why he has so many new sellers do gigs for him about Jay? I’m so beyond curious!!


Hah I agree! On Fiverr you can get some strange requests…


LOL, funny topic. Seen a few questionable gig comments from this person…don’t take pictures of yourself for him, please. They will end up on a very disturbing forum.

“Jay” – by some coincidence – is the name of a beloved Fiverr support member, presumably someone who does much of the approving / disapproving.


This is really a good suggestion. thanks for sharing.


Sheriff’s Note: Don’t spam the threads please.


I guess he must be on some sort of project, capturing feet of people. Other than fetish, there could be some other reason.