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Who is to be blamed?!

Suppose you got an order and the order delivery time was 1 day or 24 hours and you had completed & delivered your order before 24 hours but the buyer was not active since he placed his order. After two days, the buyer became active and marked the order as complete. But your order completion rate is decreased.
Is that our fault??? don’t you guys think that fiverr should changes their these kind of lame rules??? please drop your opinions.

Thank you!
a frustrated fiverr user!

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I’m not sure I understand the problem here.
Did you finish the project within 24 hours? If yes then did you deliver it?

If you deliver your order within the given timeline then your on-time delivery rate doesn’t drop no matter what the buyer does.


Yes, a big YES. I delivered the order within 4-5 hours but the buyer became active today and marked my order as complete without taking any revision. But the order completion rate decreased now up to 3%!!!

If you delivered it on time then buyer has no affect on your on-time delivery even if they request 100 revisions or reply days later.

If your stats dropped then it’s either a bug or it’s a different order. Based on what I’ve seen here on this forum I’d say in 99% of times it’s not a bug. Otherwise it would affect all of us as it’s not account specific calculation script.

Go over your orders for the past 60 days and calculate again.


Hope so, Okay Thanks!

your order completion rate never drops for the reason you mentioned since you made the delivery within the given time, no matter if your buyer ever marks it as complete.

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You delivered the order on time so the order will be complete either when the buyer marks it complete, or in three days whichever comes first. So your completion rate will not go down.

If your’s went down there is nothing you mentioned that would make that happen.


I agree…as long as you delivered the order on time, your order completion rate will not drop. I would contact customer service to see what happened.


As you delivered your work within given time, your order completion rate won’t fall drop. No matter buyer was active or not. May be it drops for another cause. You can contact with customers services. Best of luck.

Order completion rate has no relation with order delivered in time or a late delivery.
If the order was delivered late your delivery in time rate must drop

Since your order completion rate has changed
This means that the number of orders delivered in past 60 days have decreased

Some of the orders that completed on the 61st day from today gets removed from the number of order completed and the % changes accordingly

No relation with the order that just got completed

This is how things work as per my understanding
Let me know if I’m wrong or mistaken in anyway

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I think you are absolutely right.
Thanks a bunch @irfanpro :slight_smile:

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What happened with me is without any delay or any problem my completion rate dropped to 91, leaving me in astonishment…lol…

Did your buyer marked your order as complete?

Yesbhe did otherwise rating and review would not show.

Did support ever get back to you? Wht was their explanation on the situation?