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Who is willing to work for $5? And do you really want what they’re selling?

In a word, yes! Whether you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, student, individual or anyone else, the FIVERR community has something to offer you. We are a community of professionals and up and comers looking for valuable connections that lead to repeat business and referrals.

So, let’s address the whole $5 elephant in the room. Why would someone who is good at what they do and can presumably charge higher prices offline, use FIVERR? It’s a great question with many answers for many different people.

I’ve been a professional writer for more than 15 years—both in permanent positions and as a freelancer. My offline rate is competitive with others in my geographical area and I’ve been lucky enough to have a steady flow of clients. So, when a colleague suggested FIVERR, I was skeptical, unsure it was worth my time. I put up a gig and started to get some response. It was slow going at first, but when I got my first Custom Offer Request, I started to see the real potential here.

But more than anything else, I was amazed at the different types of people—in all types of industries—looking for quality work. These are people from all over the world who I would otherwise not have access to! It’s been a thrill communicating with them and I’ve learned a lot about some truly wild products and services.

On the buyer side, the benefits of using FIVERR well outweigh the risks! For a small price and the protection offered by the FIVERR process, you have access to bespoke services performed by professionals who care! The basic $5 job allows you to sample a person’s work before you invest more. And if things don’t work out, you can part ways without much loss.

Five dollars is peanuts—so little to ask for what could prove so valuable! Good sellers will view this as the ticket price for admission into their talents with the hope that you’ll want to stay for future jobs.

As a buyer, it’s a small price to pay for a glimpse of what’s possible in a global marketplace. So, go ahead……purchase your first gig!

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FIVERR in money value is only the basic gig you offer. most gigs go into 20-40 and 50 USD. the time it takes a dedicated person who is or who wants to offer a good service can turn this round, can complete the jobs fast. FIVERR can be a good earner and also good to learn, good to improve and good to widen your network of clientele. The real issue for me is the QUALITY and DEDICATION that is NOT available from most of the GIG providers. GIG Providers should give honest descriptions of their work because I for one have had time wasted that has cost me far more than the FIVERR, TENNER OR HUNDRED simply because of LACK OF DEDICATION. Fiverr will eventually fade out if gig providers continue to provide shabby services…NO JOB SHOULD BE CANCELLED FROM THE THE GIG PROVIDERS SIDE. If you cant stand the heat, dont go to the kitchen!

that’s true we have stated offering services on fiverr recently and to grow our portfolio we are offering services at just $5.

Yes i agree that $5 is a small price to pay for sellers but the buyers out here are delivering what sellers are expecting to them that is high quality work with unlimited revisions in this small amount…As you said FIVERR well outweigh the risks that is the reason why buyers Love to work here…

Everybody works for $5,-, The question should be how long? Most $5,- gigs are work that is done within 15 minutes I guess.
I can’t even remember when I did a gig for that price the last time.

Nice post! What I really love on Fiverr is that it does the marketing part for us - even if it is suggested to not fall asleep in marketing operations, I am more than happy to offer my services for a discounted price because I do not have to invest time and money into Fiverr marketing - buyers are coming to me - and this is a reason why I discontinued work on all freelancing sites - you have to fight hard for every each project and spend immense amounts of time on it.

On Fiverr, we create an offer and buyers can find what they are looking for.

The price is low not because of dropped quality,
but because perfect principle of labour market working for all!

Packages, custom offers, invoicing, live text chat should have been introduced the first year when fiverr started. It would then be a completely different and stronger system.

But, of course, on the other hand, fiverr worries about buyers and sellers dealing direct outside of their system which is a violation of fiverr’s terms of service.

Buyers have told me that they’ve had bad past experiences with sellers who promise things and don’t deliver. So, I definitely hear what you’re saying about dedication. However, for professional design work $20-$50 can still be an amazing deal depending on what you’re buying and if you find someone good. Let’s hope bad sellers get bored because they eventually find they can’t earn unless they offer (and actually deliver) a valuable service. I would rather not think that a few bad ones will shut down the entire site.

And I do agree that as a rule, sellers should not be cancelling orders UNLESS buyers are being unreasonable in the face of a seller trying satisfy. Out of many orders, I’ve only cancelled maybe twice. And that was because despite repeated efforts to understand what the people were looking for, they continued to criticize the work without being constructive.

Thanks for your reply! And remember, you don’t have to offer UNLIMITED revisions. That’s a great value add service once you’ve established a reputation. :slight_smile:

Good point!

So true! The ability to market through FIVERR (or have the system do it, as you say) is key. We would have no other outlet with which to reach such a global audience looking for these services.

I think i have to go a long way to create that reputation because now if i do not offer unlimited revisions they would not go with me…I have a good rating and great reviews but still buyers expecting unlimited revisions only…i don’t know when will i be qualify enough to get the buyers trust on me and may be then i could offer limited revisions to them…

Nice post… u have said alot but everyone has to work for $5 because of the buyers who always prefer lower rates . As other sellers offer lower rates so every seller has to work for $5.

Great post! I’m a forum poster and I work as a forum poster here and still I’m providing services at $5 only, because…The marketplace started with the price of $5 and everything starts here with $5 only. I have larger project gigs too, Still I’m providing services at $5 only.

The fact is that a $5.00 Dollars cost out-weights many risks… What do YOU lose, really? Just 5 Dollars, isn’t it? But for many people in underdeveloped countries where they struggle with a $1 Dollar salary per DAY, to be able to earn $5 an hour or every 2 or 3 hours, it is an huge advantage!
We call it Globalization…

I say no to unlimited revisions even multiple revisions every time. It surely makes few buyers run away but how can I write the same thing so many times. I can happily do another order in the same time. I am curious how much time do you spend on revisions.

I’ve gotten wonderful gigs for only $5. Design work, psychics, some information and ebooks.

But nobody likes working for $5. Buyers should appreciate their sellers more, by ordering extra services or giving tips for very good service.

I got only one buyer for previous month. can you please check out my Gigs and advice me, how to increase buyers. Thank you.