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Who is willing to work for $5? And do you really want what they’re selling?

The market is flooded, as a person who is really good at what he does I will sell my services for $5 with hope that I can impress the socks out of the buyer and they become a regular client. The more regular clients I get the better the reviews and with time I will be able to charge what I’m worth. So there you have it, that is why I sell my writing skills for just $5!!!

Exactly, i wish all buyers would understand this and be able to do thus, knowing that the $5 basic price should mostly be used for finding out if a seller is good or not. Thanks a lot!

I agree with you.

Nice post. I like the concept of this post that the $5 benchmark price on Fiverr.

Buyers who desire better jobs need to embrace the fact that the $5 is a way to hire the best hands for their job and be ready to pay commensurate price later on for professionalism. And for sellers, it should be a way to get in the door, show your best quality and meet the right customer who will help you realize the dream for sustainable freelancing.

It’s now clear to me why the $5 tag makes sense!

The method you describe definitely works! Good luck and thanks for commenting.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Nice to know others feel the way I do on the subject.

Thank you for commenting. It’s definitely a balance…figuring out what you’re wiling to do for $5 and then delivering a great product. In some cases, buyers do go for that one-time $5 gig and you never hear from them again. But in many other cases, you can build a relationship with repeat customers who return with regular work and bigger projects.