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Who is worthy of the RISING TALENT Badge?

Greetings, Fellow Sellers :wave:

I have created this topic with 2 things in mind:

1. As a discussing in which we comment on the requirements and the factors that go into RECEIVING the “RISING TALENT” badge.

2. As a way for you to give me feedback on my GIGs. Do you share the opinion that they deserve the “RISING TALENT” badge?

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Forum members can’t decide or help, Who’s deserving or not!!! It’s only Fiverr Representative can tell you. You’re deserving or Not!!

I haven’t said that this is about deciding or helping anyone get the actual badge.

This topic is created as a discussion.

Thank you for the resource, I personally have already read it.

But I couldn’t find any concrete information about the requirements or criteria that go into the decision, I also understand the reason for that.

And this is the reason for creating this topic. As a discussion in which sellers share their opinion on what it takes to receive the badge and also give critique on each others Gigs.