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Who keeps track of the non mutual cancellations?


As most of us know, mutual cancellations don’t count against you but all other cancellations do. That’s fine, I understand. I have had ten cancellations, 7 being mutual cancellations and 3 non mutual mutual cancellations. However under my Analytics page it shows a higher percent that reflects the ten cancellations. In my opinion, it should reflect only the 3 non mutual cancellations instead of including the other 7 that supposedly don’t count against me. If a sellers cancellation percentage hits a certain number, it starts having a negative effect. My question is, who keeps track of the percentage of non mutual cancellations? I can’t find that statistic on any of my pages. I know what my non mutual percentage is only because I keep track of it. Am I supposed to believe that someone at Fiverr is doing the same? I somehow doubt it. My concern is that the percentage that I do see which includes all my cancellations (mutual and otherwise) is the percentage that controls my rating.

I have read the TOS, so I’m not looking for any generic, copy and pasted answer or a wild guess. Does anyone have real insight on this matter from insider knowledge or experience? I would really like to know. Thanks!