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Who let the crazies out again? (Well that escalated quickly)

This guy messaged me like half an hour ago to discuss a project. I answered him like every other potential client and kindly asked for the details of his project (things like his script, the song, reference images, etc.). He ignored that and wanted to see my “best work sir”. I told him that I just sent him my whole portfolio and best work in my last message. Then he started spamming and sending a message every minute “Can we discuss right now? Have you time now?”. Red flags all over the place. Then he asked if I can answer his question, which I … just did? I already sent my portfolio. What does he want?
I knew where this was going so I kindly told him that we won’t be able to work together. Well… here it goes

Edit: I love how he calls himself a customer while he did not purchase anything. And how he assumes he understands Fiverr being on the platform since March 2021. How do people always think they’re entitled to something?



I think I would have hit the block button sooner.


I wanted to gather some material to report. He was on fire at the time (… typing dots all over the place). But actually I blocked him earlier. There seems to be a bug - it even said he was blocked but he could still sent the last two messages on the screenshot.

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Blimey, what a charmer! He should check in with his own ego from time to time.


He turned into a full blown campy cartoon villain! :smirk_cat:

You’ll regret this! Your business is doomed to failure, your personal life will be filled with interacting with other crazy people like me, and you will stub your big toe and it will hurt really badly!


Had another one just now as well (not blocking out the name so people know not to deal with this person)

They wanted me to design a spaceship and sent me a .psd with someone elses unfinished work. I got suspicous so inquired further and things just went bananas from that point on.

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Welcome to the forum, but calling out specific Fiverr users goes against forum rules. Censoring out user names and images is done for a reason.

Some people should be put on a blacklist though. What this person is looking for is border-line illegal.

I am absolutely not condoning the actions or behavior of the particular person you interacted with. Just giving you a heads up to avoid potential problems on the forum!

I always love people who contact you after they already had trouble with 1 or 2 other sellers. Like they do not think one second that they’re the ones who might be the problem. I had one who proudly stated he cancelled his last 5 orders because they were not good enough… like telling me in the first message. You think I’m gonna work with you? Wth…


Yikes! It’s amazing how unprofessional some people get when they’re discussing work.

I turned down a project about a month ago, and the person started saying “I guess you don’t like money!” and calling me names. Do people really think we’ll suddenly agree to work with them if they’re mean? Makes no sense.


I had cases like yours so often: “Oh, I guess you don’t want to work on my follow up projects worth $20.000?! Your bad!”. There’s a special sort of people who think they own you by waving with some cash. They can not understand that you still choose who you want to work with and that rejection is possible. They think simple: “Me have cash. I am boss. You my worker.” I think a lot of unexperienced sellers go with it, trying to please them to a point where it’s just unhealthy and then they completely lost it when there’s a seller who knows his/her worth and doesn’t play that game.