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Who liked the old forum design better?


I personally think that the old forum was better, much more simpler. What are your ideas?


If you use FaceBook, then I am sure you CRINGED at every new GUI updates they did, but over time you go used to it and quit complaining.

Same scenario here.


I like the new ONE…


No, this one is superior. Like a Vulcan race. They are superior too. Or Klingons.


Yeah but it was a meksell festival. Now you can just mute entire categories of rubbish “plz halp” posts and enjoy a slightly better forum experience unsullied with the tears and whining about their awful gig and awful profile.

For that alone, I think this forum is :heart_eyes:


So true…I learned that some things could not get better


XD I personally enjoyed watching you attacking those “plz halp” posts…alas, what good days!


You’re kidding right? This one is so much better I don’t even know where to start!


I saw some old posts of mine and others on that old forum and we could speak freely. The quality of posts was candid. Now we are all too proper and careful, although mercifully the constant post flagging that went on at first has abated.

This is ok but kind of dull sometimes. The new format is great but the temptation to gag and keep discussions strongly controlled went overboard. I think it’s easing up some.

The locking of threads sometimes or making threads disappear where people are just talking openly and freely without causing harm to anyone seems wrong. Overall though this is great otherwise. The end to all that spam is the best part.


You make it sound like surviving the new forum is like surviving the Spanish Inquisition. :slight_smile:


You hit the nail on the head.