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Who needs featured gig option the most?


Who needs featured gig option the most?
1st What’s meaning of Featured gig?
featured gig is promoted gig by fiverr editorial team. Which means that gig will come top in fiverr search, shared in every marketing docs by fiverr. So that do generate high volume order without seller affort.
i’m watching featured gig from over the 2 years. I observe, fiverr editors provides featured gig, who’s performing highest and getting high volume sells with high rating.

Team never think, Who needs featured gig option the most!
Suppose some sellers getting high volume order without featured option already then why editorial team provide featured option on that gig. In real manner - that kind of seller doesn’t need featured option.

Who needs featured gig option the most?
Suppose few level2 or TRS seller, who was getting high volume sells few month before but any reason they gone on vacation. After came back and his/her sells gone totally down. Then He/she needs featured gig option the most!!
Which i think!

My suggestion for fiverr editorial team. please think about this!!


Yes… Very nice observation and i agreed with your thought. I think all the TRS getting huge impression and sells daily. So firverr should help to all Level 2 gigs and obviously it will be promising and high quality seller’s gig


Google "Define Featured"
Featured : having distinctive attributes or aspects of a specified kind.

It isn’t decided by the “need”, it is decided by the “worthiness”. :grin:


You might be come from boarding school. if few students are getting high marks without any help then why they need to be extra class. i hope you’ll get that…

it’s not about google meaning… it’s perspective of thinking for all not for few toppers.


Terrible analogy. A better one would be: "if a few students are getting high marks without any help… why would the school create a video showing how intelligent their students can become (feauting these kids - in order for parents to decide to take their kids to that specific school)?

@taverr does have a point, and it does make a ton of sense.


that means- catch few intelligent students in your school after make video on them as showing - we make them intelligent for attract other learners?

is it marketing thing? i don’t know!!


Schools generally invest in their brightest and best students because they get the best results, which keeps the school ranking high, gets them into good universities and so on and so forth.

Businesses generally invest and feature their brightest and best because they get the best results which keeps the business competitive, helps them to grow and so on and so forth.

Charities generally invest their money in their CEOS their worthy cause and feature their most awesome success stories which keeps the charity getting donations and so on and so forth.

Which category is Fiverr in? There is your answer. If someone wants to be featured, they simply need to show that they are indeed one of the brightest and best at whatever they do. Not only that, but consistently over time, even in periods of high stress. Low cancellations, constantly improving, in line with whatever Fiverr’s overarching mandate is at the moment and of course showing that they are in every respect an asset to the business.

That’s not going to happen to people who just want it. That’s what the upcoming paid promo feature is for. HTH. Note how Fiverr is making a profit out of that–and results will not be guaranteed :wink:


Sadly very true. However, order to attract good candidates, you have to pay the going market rate. I’d happily become the CEO of the NSPCC for 50k a year. Just don’t expect them to still be here in 2018, though!


is that due to [insert salacious rumors here]? Of course, charities also employ lots of chuggers (charity muggers, everyone!) to bend people into direct debiting £ into their coffers on the high street too. As far as I am aware, they get rubbish money, everyone hates them and… oh, what a delicious analogy!


Unfortunately, Fiver is a business. It relies on buyers to buy. How do you get buyers? Give them an option for a well respected seller so that have a good experience and come back for more. Than, maybe they try other gigs around the marketplace. Trickle down effect.


For such students (a.k.a sellers) Fiverr is soon rolling out the Fiverr Promoted Gigs through which you can get your gig featured by paying an extra amount to fiverr, just like the extra classes fees for the weak students; while good students get scholarships and enjoy it for free.


Interesting analogy. But, I don’t think you should class yourself as a ‘weak student’ just because your gig is not featured. After all, only 6-12 gigs (approx.) are featured per category. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of thousands of gigs!


The only anecdotal evidence I have–with one featured gig–is that becoming a TRS followed hot on the heels of it. Maybe a week or two later, I can’t remember now. My only real analogy was the business class, as this is a business. The rest were just quick strip jobs.

I also haven’t had a vacation for 3 years, so. itches


believe in Your Organic Traffic :slight_smile:
Become Top rated seller & take opportunity of featured gigs.


It was the other way around for me. TRS and then a featured gig about 6 months later.


That was just for example. :slight_smile:


Hehe . Grats! I’m not sure what it takes to get TRS. We’ve got a gig featured currently and it has boosted sales a bit. I’m guessing you need to be in a niche that isn’t quite as saturated as … video services maybe? Or maybe they can’t see we’ve been here 5 years cause this is a new account? I’ll bank on that :wink: Maintaining a 100% rating for 2 years is hard enough right? =P I’ve seen people make TRS in a very short amount of time which puzzles me. I’m grateful that we’re at least being looked at for a feature. It’s been hard work.

As far as who “NEEDS” a feature? We all do… those coming back from a vacation could use a temp boost though… that feature breaks your gigs for several weeks it feels like… But I don’t know about it needing an actual “featured” tag for that timeframe … just an initial boost upon coming back from a long pause… just to even things out. I can agree with that… Cause… well… been there … done that … almost killed the business when I put the gigs on Vacation mode for a week!!! No sales for 6 weeks really hurts.


I never had a featured gig and I dread having one. I really don’t want to be featured. I struggle with my existing orders as it is. Happy with what I get.