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Who notice this on old account

Due to my notice, some functions don’t work with old account, I notice that when I add new gig it will not display (i mean in search) until you message the fiverr CS, anyone experiencing this?

Deleted - misunderstanding!

No , am not new, it published immediately without any issue, but the search results issue is not working.
The last time I was asked to wait to for 48hrs in other to propagate the system.

After 48hrs nothing happened.

I message C’s again and it was solve immediately.
But this don’t happen in new account.

Got you.

I don’t understand what you mean by old and new accounts though - do you have more than one account?

Not all gigs will show up in the search of course.

It will take time for your gig to show up in searches - that is - if they follow all the rules etc.

If your gig isn’t listed in the category of your choice, optimize your gig with the correct category and tags.

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I mean if you create a new gig and you check the subcategory it under new , you will see the new added gig.
But it’s not like that for my account and I keep seeing new seller in the same niche adding gig and will show asap.
So I have a taught that , it’s because my account was old.
And I have abadon it for some time