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Who Owns A Website?


I am Curious To Know if anyone has a website or blog and do you promote your fiverr gig (s) on it?


Hello ma’am,

I do have my personal website but it’s more a of portfolio webpage without much traffic.

But I do have a link in there that redirects the visitors to Fiverr.

Thank you very much.


I own a website, in as much as I’m the admin and control all the content on it. I’m a bit of a Google fanboy, so I use Google services as much as possible. For my website, I’ve got three different blogs for different subjects which all link back to my Google+ profile which in practice is really the core of my online existence.


THANK YOU! :slight_smile: … Very much for your response and reply! … I Appreciate very much of all of you in advanced who are sharing that you have a non/related fiverr website! :slight_smile:


I Have a Happy Birthday Related Website and it is in/directly to not only my gigs but other fiverr sellers! :slight_smile: