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Who responsible for the dispute?


if someone get his job done 97% perfectly and after that open dispute what shall you do?

you give him over 5 revisions for free,
then he said " the shape isn’t correct"
Finally said:“I am tired of expalining myself”


There is a misunderstanding between the buyer and the seller, and the seller thinks they’ve done what the buyer wanted but the buyer doesn’t. Additionally, the seller knows they haven’t delivered 100% but only 97%. In this case the seller should cancel. The seller knows they haven’t met the buyer’s expectations because the buyer has told them that. There’s no point in continuing with this order.


i have no problem to cancel but :
1- when i asked him where is the wrong with my work,
said i’m so ttired to tell you?
2- he said at beginning the work is too close to what i have asked,
so,encourages me to accept many requests to modify the work and deliver it many times(over 5 revisions for free).

if he said at first time i didn’t like the work so i won’t do extra work.


i don’t know this is legal or not to post the work here is the forum?


I’m going to be blunt here. If you haven’t come to an understanding after 5 revisions you’re not going to. And there’s no point in posting your work on the forum. Only your buyer can tell if it’s what he wanted.


If a buyer says it isn’t right but won’t communicate what is wrong then you can simply re-deliver that same thing and tell him that if he ever is able to tell you what is wrong you will give him one more revision for free. Let him know you have gone out of your way to try to get it right and are willing to keep trying but need some guidance from him.

Tell him that at any time within the next week he can tell you what he wants again, you will give one more try to get it right.


the reason to prove the work is perfectly done,
what i’m going to say:" the job done after 5 revisions",
not going to mis understand after 5 revisions.

i have told that he said from first review very close not said:“the work is not good or any thing either”


this is the first time i see buyer like this,
other customers can talk about some areas,
but he still post the sketch and say :“is this similar?”
“i’m so tired to tell you”.

really, i’m not happy with this bad reply.


All you can do is be nice and offer to try one more time if they ever decide they will tell you what’s wrong.


Oh yes, there is a misunderstanding between you and the buyer, otherwise 5 revisions wouldn’t have been necessary so far. Since the buyer still has not what he wanted there is big problem between you and him in communication and while I can understand your frustration, I totally can see why he is getting tired of explaining.

You can better cancel the order and go on with your next one.


thanks alot,
will try .


i’m not meaning i’m not undertand after 5 revisions,

i said that buyer get his job and want to make it for free .
he has nothing to reply.
if there is something wrong i have made he should do,
but , he doesn’t spoke


You are allowed to post a picture of what you delivered to him.

Since you can show all the things you have done on all your orders I see no reason to not show what you delivered. Others here have done it.


modling buttons was out the scope of this job"only modeling the outer shape"

Mod Note: I am unsure whether it is allowed for you to post these images here, particularly the buyer’s sketch. As a precaution I have removed them. As you have already had good responses to these, there is no need to keep the images here anyway.


don’t know is it legal or not,
but these are sketches provided and the designs.


Your being scammed.

This happens to me with video work occasionally. Buyers say they love the work! But… “Just fix this and this…”

Then I suddenly get a message saying, “sorry, this isn’t what we were looking for, please cancel.”

Now, please understand that Fiverr’s TOS say that buyers can’t cancel orders just if they don’t like something. In this case, here’s what I do when this happens:

I reply saying:


Sorry, but your work brief has been met and I have now completed all the revisions which you have asked for. I am not willing to cancel this order. In this case, I would advise you to contact Fiverr customer support if you feel that there has been some form of gross failure for me to deliver on the work specified in my gig and/or your brief.

Also, please note that should Fiverr cancel this order and you decided to use the delivered material anyway, this will result in a DCMA takedown notice being served against yourself, your end client, or any other third party using this material on the basis of copyright fraud.

Kind Regards,



HEllo cyaxrex,
thanks million, that is what happens exactly with this task.

i have some Contrition to the work which i have done on this project.

really your reply is very helpful,

"you should know i have made extra revisions ", until he is 100% satisfied,
now he said:“
want to model interior”


Your best bet here is to initiate a mutual cancellation on this order. As it is seen that he is taking advantage of you. However if he refuses to accept cancellation, report this to customer care. Hope this helps. Goodluck with other buyer’s.



i have no problem to cancel,
but is not this affects cancelation rate?


Cancellations hurt worse than bad reviews (in my experience). Don’t cancel. You have worked hard on this project and your buyer is trying to take advantage. Also, there is absolutely nothing to stop your buyer thinking “hey this is a great way to get work for free. I’ll just open another account and do the same again.”

Mutual cancellations in this situation are BAD ADVICE given by people as intelligent as tree bark. Stand up for yourself otherwise you will just end up inviting other people to walk all over you.