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Who runs this forum :(

I’m getting really annoyed with these “How do I get sales” “help me I’m not making any sales”…

they join fiverr for couple of weeks expecting to make lot of money just like that, then they post these discussions on the forum whithout even bothering to search and read, and there’s no one controlling it, I even saw someone promoting a movie here on the forum and it was just there, no one from the support removed it or did anything about it, I started hating the forum and avoiding visiting it because it’s the same thing everyday: “i’m new, help me make sales”.

This is really annoying, sorry if I’m being rude, but someone has to do something about it.

Just ignore the questions you find boring. I think new sellers expect too much, too soon. My first month here I made $60, and I was very happy with that.

I think that many new sellers see that other new sellers have posted and receive advice on how to improve their gigs so they create a new post and ask for help too. As much as we sellers are all competitors, we also help each other.

My advice to you is to take a break from the forum and when you return perhaps there might be more interesting topics posted.

As annoying as Freedom of Speech may be…I’d rather be annoyed than lose it so my solution is to ignore it.

You never know. Someone may be annoyed at your annoyance but you have the right to say it and if they don’t want to read it, they don’t have to.

As long as there is no abuse (violation of rules) not much you can do about posts that annoys you except to ignore it.

Happy Annoyance

Hi, I had a very small doubt. Do you guys keep a track of your revenues nd funds cleared manually also? Like apart from Fiverr Revenue page, just to cross check, and has there been any mismatch which needed CS support, in that I will also manually keep a record woth me.