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Who Says Buyer's Request Doesn't Work?


I know many new sellers start out getting their first orders through BR.

There are debates on if any experienced or good sellers would even touch buyer’s request. The answer to those questions are an astounding:


Last November timeframe I hired while bunch of sellers to do translation work for me. Unlike most things I get, this is one area where I can not verify the authenticity of the sellers work.

Today I had a few of them verified by native speakers, thanks to a super secret connection :sunglasses:!

All three were genuine and authentic! I found them through Buyer’s Request. All three were new, well they were new then!

Just because a seller is new, just because they use BR, doesn’t mean they are second best. Everyone starts from the bottom and work their way up.

Buyer’s Request is not for amateur. If you do your homework and take the time to research your seller, you will find many professionals who produces TOP quality work at very reasonable prices.

So, Buyer, use the BR wisely, be thorough and crystal clear in what you need, take the time to find the gem. I got over $3000 worth of translation work done on 5r for less than $600.

Remember: Don’t go for the cheapest or the most expensive; forget the cost - ignore it. You need to dig deep into the sellers profile and communicate with them.

Buyers: Go find that Gem. They’re not hiding, but you still have to look.

Seller: (Especially all you newbies) Go get 'em! You got talent! You got skills! Now show it off. Good luck! :grinning:





(just reviewed your topic with emoji.:stuck_out_tongue:)

It’s a dream to assume every buyer will be thoughtful like you. :confused:
But it should be…


Gina is one of a kind. If every buyer was like her, we would all be floating on clouds of daffodils in perfect harmony with the known universe. Sadly, unless someone can actually capture Gina and clone her a few million times, all we can do is suffer the Fiverrverse as it is and bask in her loveliness from time to time.