Who sends offers to sellers on the buyers request page?


I am new to fiverr and still getting to understand the system. I have noticed on my buyer request page almost all the offers are from sellers advertising themselves. I also noticed that these post get offers sometimes up to 10 offers.
My question is who is sending the offers? Is it buyers or other sellers?



Other sellers. Sometimes bots, sometimes those who apply to everything without reading, until they spend all the available offers (and then complain on the forum that the offer limit should be increased or removed).

Buyers can’t even see those ads.


Feel free to contribute to this poll
We’ll see how many we can get before Fiverr gives a … :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you! 306 voters! - at the least, if not a clean and cozy BR environment, we can have the poll with the most voters ever, I guess… :grin:


Where are those social media experts to give it a proper spin :smiley:


The ones who keep complaining that they’re not making any sales? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks for making that clear. I thought I was missing out on valuable sales opportunities.l’m happy I didn’t fall for the temptation to spam the BR too.
I have also voted for a button to report such people. at least if not for anything, we can enjoy the user experience.


This is happening since the inception of buyers request page … There are some.sellers who feel.they will get more visibility but they are tools and by doing so they are damaging their own reputation … Don’t worry this.is normal


I was curious too so I did a bit of “research” what I found will make you laugh! :rofl:


Funny post. You have a good sense of humour tho. I am really glad this has been cleared. Now I can rest my mind knowing that I am not missing out on anything. :raised_hands:t4:


Sellers like us certainly :wink:


I’m joking with them for quite some time now. I’m clicking these when I have a bit of free time, and I’m offering sellers my own services, lol.

:sneezing_face: :mega: