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Who should cancel the order

If you did what you said you would then simply don’t cancel , you can also contact support and explain the situation , it’s up to you.


Thanks, I escalated the issue to CS.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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Question, what should be a good reply to someone who claims your work done as “I know all that” after you made a delivery, and there is a chance of using your work further because the delivery is not reversible.

What is the service/product you sold them?

It is very black and white in the ToS - a buyer may not use the work you send them unless the order is accepted and paid for in full.

It can be hard to prove they’ve used your work depending on the type of gig, but if you can prove they used it you will have a right to pursue legal action.


I’m offering website speed optimization for Shopify and Wix. I work on buyer’s website directly + make recommendations for future reference. This means if a buyer steps back with such reasons (I knew everything and wanted you to do all that…), then I’m left with nothing in hand.

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I’m really sorry to hear that. Unfortunately it’s just so different from my line of work that I’m not really sure if there is a way to help protect you against that kind of situation :frowning: I hope someone else can tune in and share some ideas. In the mean time, you did the right thing by escalating the issue - hopefully CS will back you up! Keep us posted!

Thanks you @gwyneth_galvin. , I’m also waiting for CS response on this.

It doesn’t matter whether you cancel or the buyer cancels, it will still be your completion rate stat that takes a hit - unless CS rule in your favour and manually remove the strike.

I just find it so frustrating that some rogue buyers people want to steal work.

Thanks @english_voice, this is informative.

If CS doesn’t revert soon, shall I proceed with order cancellation? The buyer isn’t aware of me contacted CS.

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Quick questions…

  1. When CS resolves the issue in either party’s favour, will he be able to leave a feedback? I’m sure he’ll be negative on this.

  2. So if I cancel, this would impact my completion score, but if he requests a cancel, still I’ll have impact of that?

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  1. After cancel the order no one can leave a feedback.
  2. Yes Both are impact on gig ranking. Completion score will impace for any kind of order cancellatio.
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Due to Corona, Now CS taking 10 business day for reply. But if you have cancel request & it will be auto cancle after 2 days. So, considering the current situations its better to accept the cancelatio.

Is it possible to improve the results of your work? Maybe the buyer can ask for revisions?
I am so sorry to hear that he needs an order cancellation - if you will cancel your order, you will not only lose your time. it will also affect your ratings :pensive:

And as mentioned before - CS needs more time to reply these days. Maybe you will find a way to solve the problem without cancellation

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I offered him to help him, lets see…

Cancellation is so painful, time + work for nothing :frowning:

Just got a reply from the buyer…
“Cancel the order or else I will leave a bad review and contact the Fiverr team”…
and I’m planning to cancel…

If you think You just deliver the quality work and everything is good in the delivery. Don’t cancel the order right You are not here to work for free. Value your work. Contact customer support and if your case is strong then CS also remove the review from your profile if your buyer leave negative review.

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Agree - of course, we don’t know the whole situation in details, but if work was made really good, according to requirements, so let him contact the Fiverr team. They will see the situation and solve it

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I withdrawn the dispute and offered him if anything I can help him with. If not, I’ll let him go to CS, this would be an experience for me too.

Okay, now that is against the ToS.

For your consideration:
. What is Worse in the Long Run; a cancelation or a 1 star review?
. Buyer is asking to cancel the order!
. Buyer wants free work, should I cancel?
. Cancel Order or I will give you a bad review! 😡
. Do Extra works or i will give you bad review