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Who thinks they may lose their level


Jan 18 is evaluation day. So we are about a month away until the first evaluation to see what level you’ll be at. Who thinks they will lose their level or go up a level


Looks like I’m gonna be stuck at level 1.

I was hoping to get to level 2 before evaluation day but my vacation set me back and it’s also put my gigs lower down in search results.

I’ve hit all the requirements for level 2 except for the amount of money that you need to have earnt. If you hit level 2 before evaluation, then you don’t get demoted for falling below the amount of money required which is what I was hoping to achieve.


Oh I know I’m losing mine lol. It’s only due to 2 mutual cancellations but I’m not getting enough orders to cover that nut apparently. Fiverr is an unforgiving mistress. I guess I’ll be plebing it at level 1 again.


It’s not a guessing game. Everybody can see it in their analytics.
The only surprise that can strike out of nowhere is if your response rate plummets because you did not unblock a spammer who messaged you, answer and the report it again.


We’ve still got one month almost to go so anything can happen between now and then, either good or bad.


The art is not to caring that much about it.
It’s really easy. One should always think about other ways anyway, as nothing lasts forever.


It’s easy not to care when you know you won’t be demoted, or you have other ways of earning money, but if you are in desperate circumstances as lots of people are here then it can be truly terrifying.


I’m very strategic. That doesn’t mean that I’m not lazy and play on my Play Station and watch Netflix. Anyway, I always think about new ways to generate the income I need in order to maintain my humble existence. Maybe it’s a matter of age. I’m going to die and don’t want to look back on a life that only revolved around earning money.
I know a lot of desperation from the past and I know how hard it is when one doesn’t know how to make ends meet though. But desperation kills creativity big time and only spirals you deeper into depression. Wake up, be grateful for what you have and be open for what the day may bring.


Don’t worry be happy


My Analytics page says, January 14. :wink:


Mine says January 15th (collides with JonBaas day) - interesting, I thought it was the same day for everyone, now it seems there are different evaluation days :thinking:


Interesting. So it would appear that Fiverr is staggering the reviews during that week – I assume so that they can spread out their review work across more than one day?

Interesting. :thinking:


Well, that would mean the evaluation is manual - I thought it was automated since it’s monthly and I doubt CS or any size team can evaluate so many millions of sellers, even when spread across multiple days…

…unless they evaluate sellers manually every day of every month, which I highly doubt as well :sweat_drops:


Perhaps the system will auto-evaluate but the team will fix the bugs in the system after each batch and the next batch will be evaluated by the revised system? Mine is January 15th by the way.


When the evaluations do come down it’s going to shake things up – INCLUDING gig rankings in fiverr search engine. Fingers cross some good comes out of it.


Hm not sure if i still have a level (haven’t checked in over a year), if i do i’m sure ill get rid of it.