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Who understand the statistics on the new version of Fiverr App?

I don’t understand the new statistics. I know what clicks, views, conversion… mean but I don’t understand what are the figures.
For example what are those 62,4 impressions and 2,97 views ?
I see some statistics for social clicks but I never promoted my gigs on social media. What does this mean ?
Who can explain ?

Hm, interesting, I just checked and I have the 4 others, but ‘Social Clicks’ is missing on my app (no complaint, I know I’m not social ;)).

Hi Carineb,

In my opinion these stats are based upon the average of our total gigs.
Let’s say you have a total of 3 gigs and you received 45 views in total in a day.

So, here your views would be shown as 45/3=15.

This is what I have comprehend so far.


I was wondering about social clicks too. I have 2 but I never shared any of them so how could that be?

It could be from your buyers - they’re given the option of sharing your gig when they accept delivery etc.

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