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Who use Fiverr Revenue Card, does balance go to negative?


If you don’t have money on your balance on this payoneer card, will it go to negative balance and then they’ll take your money when you put it on the balance?


If there is no money in your source balance, then you don’t have any money to spend.


Exactly. It is not a credit card.

If you don’t have money, the transaction will be denied.


I just read something about it on the internet about payoneer card. Somebodies said that they hadn’t checked their balance, withdrew their money and with all transfers of money they got Minus on their balance.


Yes, it’s possible to happen. Most likely from fees.


So when there is no money on a balance, they will take 3 (or smth) dollars every month, and then if I put some money on the balance, they will take?


No however Fiverr money can go to Negative! when you Complete orderand withdraw Money after that client come and Contact CS and cancel your order . then you will be in Trouble.


No, no. How? You only can withdraw after 14 days when money are cleaned, and after 14 days clients can’t cancel an order and get their money back.
What I was talking about is money already withdrawn on payoneer card


Not related to Payoneer. And there’s no harm done if Fiverr balance goes negative, and it will quickly go back to positive as more orders clear.


There is a harm, cause you’re not always get new orders, sometimes there is no orders at all, and if you still get minus and minus that’s a harm


Going into minus balance is not seller’s fault, so you don’t get punished for it in any way. :slight_smile: I know many people who have experienced it, some for a long time. It only looks displeasant to see a minus balance, but no other harm done, besides the fact that you can’t withdraw then.

I’m not even sure how you could affect it yourself. Surely you can’t deposit money into your Fiverr balance either.


It seems that we’e talking about different things.