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Who waits 11 days to ask for a cancellation?

Have you ever had this problem? You deliver an order, then do a revision. Then hear nothing from your buyer, Fiverr marks the order as complete, then he private messages you, after 11 days, and requests a cancellation. Crazy, right?

Totes, did they even say why?

Eh, at least they can’t come back beyond a month’s worth of time anymore writing bad reviews or anything.

Reply to @accessgirl: He just said he didn’t like them, didn’t say why.

Reply to @freelancemm: Some clients are crazy, one wrote to me saying that she was out of the office for 4 days. So what? You can access Fiverr from your iPhone, from some Androids (but not mine), from Kinko’s, from a computer hotel. It’s so easy, just login name and password, Fiverr doesn’t even ask you for your mother’s maiden name or bothers you when you login from a different computer. Yet in spite of that, you get some buyers that forget to check their orders.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Yeah it astonishes me sometimes when I have dealt with multiple extras orders in the past and the user comes back three to four months later saying they’re just getting around to checking my work now. At least those that come back a month later can’t give us a rough time or anything anymore which I definitely am glad for. Well, in some cases I can see a three to four day span. There are some days I simply don’t get on Fiverr or anywhere else as I consider it a day off and don’t answer calls or anything like that. Beyond about a week’s time to me is when it would start feeling weird.

Reply to @freelancemm: That’s why I always deliver unless I have question. The last thing I want is being late, which I think hurts your rating a lot.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I had the same exact thing happen to me. I am a blog post writer and I delivered this persons order, 8 days later they asked for a refund. The only reason they had was because they didn’t like it. Wonder if it was the same person, and maybe they are trying to get the work and then have the money refunded back?

Reply to @tiffanywynne: Who knows? I still grant the refund because bad reviews can hurt future sales. I think it’s more than one person, there’s a few bad apples buying here.

Reply to @kjblynx: That’s true, but keep in mind not every client wants to wait 5-10 days to get an order. When I buy gigs, I rarely buy from those who make me wait long.