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Who wants cheap french lessons?

I’m new here and I’m struggling finding a first customer… I’m a native french speaker, so if one of you wants friendly french lessons, hit me up :slight_smile: We’ll talk for hours via zoom or any other platform (you choose) and you’ll notice that your level will improve so fast !


I always disliked French but I believe responsible for this was that attitude every french teacher I knew had. You know, they had that vibe like they were born in Paris, something snobbish.

You look friendly, I will definitely consider your French lessons. My level is conversational but I can’t read a newspaper.

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Oh yay! I’d love that :slight_smile: And believe me, I’m far from being snobbish. I hope you’ll end up taking at least one hour.

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Hi, I used to do online English lessons. There is a huge market for online language teachers. Make sure your gig is in the Lifestyle - online tutoring - Language section.

Look at buyers request frequently.

Hi, thank you so much for your tips, I appreciate it :slight_smile: But what do you mean by “buyers request” ? Where can I find them please (sorry I’m new) ?

When logging in as a seller in fiver on a laptop, there is a task bar on the top with: Dashboard; Messages; Orders; Gigs etc. You will see ‘more’.

Click ‘more’.
It will be a drop down.

Click ‘buyers requests’

The newer you are the less requests you will get, but my advice is to look at it every 30 minutes of your waking time. This not only keeps you online, but you will see if a request comes your way. Be quick to answer as many people will see this request. Also answer it well with no mistakes.

If you are doing online lessons you need to state in your gig description that you are using Zoom as your online lesson medium (whatever platform you are using). This is a must otherwise you will be flagged by Fiverr.

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