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Who wants Fiverr to get an SSL Certificate (https) for FIVERR.COM? - Please add a comment below

It’s sometimes frustrating for people to wake up and then find out that there withdraw was successfully completed…

Well you are probably going to ask why?

after all, It was taken out successfully.

The reason is. It was withdrawn by a hacker :frowning:

Help ‘fight’ the security on fiverr by adding your security comment/opinion below.

The goal is for fiverr to read this forum post.

Please keep it clean and noteworthy :slight_smile:

thecreativeguys said: Help 'fight' the security on fiverr by a
I'm not sure I understand why you want to "fight" Fiverr's security.

If you want to share your opinion about this to Fiverr administration, I'm not sure the forum is a sure way. I've only very rarely seen any admin. post here, and there's not a lot of evidence that they read the forums. But good luck~

An SSL certificate is not going to combat that. The only way in which somebody could withdraw your funds is if they login to your account. If they are into your account there is no need to look at encrypted data…they can withdraw the funds anyway. I think the fight should be against those whol give away their passowrds?

SSL for Fiverr is must have!

As soon as a sellers earns first bucks, he / she SHOULD BE asked to attach their paypal or fiverr card with their account and set security question.

In case, someone log in to your account, he should not be able to withdraw money from your account unless verifying the paypal email already attached on fiverr.

Hello, it’s quit nice to see some people fighting for what’s right and against what’s wrong, I’m totally down for that, i myself have a few thoughts in regard to Fiverr security!! i don’t really now how this SSL certificate works or is it gonna be beneficial for the Fiverr sellers, but i have few other ideas that Fiverr could make, and of course these are MY ideas they might be wrong, stupid or not practical at all, so here they are:

  1. i think it would be better if when you want to make a withdrawal to your PayPal account, Fiverr would ask you for your Password as well as your security question answer, because if someone actually hacked your Fiverr Profile AND god forbid hacked your email account then they can easily change the PayPal account to theirs and withdraw the money!! i know it’s not easy to hack the email account but it could happen there is some very smart hackers out there!!!

  2. i also think that it would be better if when you close the browser or reboot the computer you would be automatically logged off from your profile, so if you want to access Fiverr you would have to log in, i know you can do it manually when you log in but there’s some people who doesn’t understand the concept of “stay logged in” but it would be better if it was an automatic logging off from the website when the browser closes, because i always think of the worst case scenario, which in this case it would be if your laptop got stolen and it doesn’t have a password security in the log screen!!

  3. sometimes we encounter some fake buyers who just want to steal your account by the phishing technique, and sometimes there is some buyers who just can’t be satisfied at all, even if you do the impossible for them but they just keep giving bad reviews for no reason, why not implementing a “Flag” feature in the profile of buyers, so for the other sellers would be aware with whom they are dealing with and make some limitations, of course this feature would be managed by the Fiverr team so no one would abuse it, but i think it could be a good feature!!

    Sorry for the long comment, but i just want to explain everything in a proper way, these are my opinions and i know they might be stupid or impractical so please let me know what you think about this!

    And thank you so much :slight_smile: