Who wants to form a team?


Just read a post on the forum and got this idea.

Inviting experts in the field of Website Layout Designer, Graphic Designer, SEO & Online Marketing to form a team.

Everybody could chip in their expertise - say for example, a buyer wants a website, is willing to pay ‘Extras’ to get that beautiful site layout - the Website Layout Designer gets a share. The same buyer also wants a Logo - the Graphic Designer gets his share and then the buyer wants his site to be SEO optimized - the SEO expert get his share - you get the picture.

It helps the buyer to find all the suppliers in a particular niche in a single gig - saving him time.

A strong team can put collective effort to promote the gig on the internet.

I invite suggestions, pros & cons


I personally love the idea, but when I got in touch with Customer Service about this sort of thing a couple weeks ago, they said “NO”. They said you can’t even recommend a complimentary service/product/seller. Again, I’m guessing that from their point of view, a “team” could potentially force out individual sellers. And essentially undermine the business model.

I say go for it, just make sure to set it up so you get the blessing of Fiverr ® HQ. :slight_smile:


I think it is a great idea as well.

If you’re actually looking to form a team, keep me in mind. I’d be happy to provide the content for a new website (from your example).


I welcome my first team member - Seatbelt99!

This whole idea generated from a topic that I read on the forum about Outsourcing your gigs to others!

And I am thinking aloud here - so how could Seatbelt99 and I contribute on a gig as a team?

Here’s how: -

I add an ‘Extra’ to my gig for ‘Content Writing’, which is Seatbelt’s strength and contribution to the team and vice-versa Seatbelt adds Website for $5 to his gig as ‘Extra’ and to be fair with each other I would offer my service at $3/gig to Seatbelt - because Fiverr keeps $1 for every $5 and Seatbelt should also make some profit from this transaction - which is $1 - it in terms of percentage its 20%.

In addition, every member of the team will benefit from each other’s marketing efforts - and buyer will have a ‘One Window’ access to any niche.

In essence Seatbelt is making an extra 20% for teaming up with me and vice-versa.

Your thoughts on this topic Seatbelt?


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Yep, I thought so. Although, I should clarify that I believe they specifically meant ‘publicly’ - as in the gig description & visuals.


It’d be so great if we could do teams like this. One of my regular buyers has purchased some picture-book style children’s stories from me, and mentioned that he was keen to find an artist to illustrate them. I know there are other people on here who convert text documents to Kindle docs, others that produce cover art and some that promote and review books.

If we could team up, we could offer complete ebook packages for buyers.

How cool would that be?!


Reply to @dollar5sites:

How would it be possible to only charge Seatbelt $3? As all payments on Fiverr are in blocks of $5. You would only receive $4 from the initial buyer, and then need $5 to order from seatbelt - meaning both you and him would always be paying $2 out of your own money to recommend eachother…


As a content writer, I’d be happy to be counted in but I’m not sure how it would work. How would you be able to make sure a certain person was paid a set amount for the work that they did. There is no way to withdraw a set amount from Fiverr and we’re not allowed to share contact details.

Other than that, I could see teams working very well. I’ve had people ask about website design and pictures for their content and would love to recommend people (I just didn’t know that many at the time). I’ve also had people ask for content writers I can recommend when I can’t help with a project so having more than one person to do a specific job works too, such as a team of writers or artists.


Why not form a team with collections. Create complimentary gigs that serves a certain idea, put them together in a collection and promote the collection. Do I miss s.th.?


Yeah I see many sellers on fiverr is a team, not only a person!


I had a similar idea. I wanted to collaborate with a seller who specialized in videos, and have them offer a gig extra that would put the video they recorded into a laptop or cell phone. When someone orders the gig extra, the seller would then order multiple gigs from me, I complete it, and send it back to them, then they send it to their buyer. We could’ve split the gig extras profit. I never acted on the idea though. It was just a thought. :slight_smile:


I am a social Marketer… Good Idea :slight_smile:

seatbelt99 said: Sounds good to me. I don't know how we'd exchange money back and forth.

We just sell at twice the rates and buy from the team mate by paying the asking price - that solves pretty much everything

I am putting all my effort to market my gig, as I am sure you are too and since we are in the same niche let's benefit from each other's marketing efforts.

Is that fair?

So, include me in one of your gigs and let me know and I will do the same.

Let's see how this pans out - No rules violated, no toes stepped on.

Someone mentioned, taxes - I am sure all developed nations allow businesses to buy and sell services - what remains after expense is profit ;)

Cheerios :)


I have to be honest I dont think it’s a good idea. I think the new/little guys would struggle even more as they don’t have the ability to do extras and level one sellers only get 2 extras.

I Just think the Top rated power sellers would dominate even more of the market.

rebelgrapher said: Why not form a team with collections. Create complimentary gigs that serves a certain idea, put them together in a collection and promote the collection.

This is the only way I really see it working. Otherwise you guys are setting yourselves up for a load of bookkeeping offsite. With the delays in payment and advance expenses for the 'outsourced gigs', not to mention that depending on your locale (and if you do things legally) you could be opening up a whole can of worms for taxes, as it's possible the initial contact seller will be responsible for the independent contractors he/she's outsourcing to.

Of course, you might not care about the details. ;)


As mentioned by rebelgrapher, a collections seems to be awesome too


Reply to @dollar5sites: Sounds good to me. I don’t know how we’d exchange money back and forth as I’d assume Fiverr would frown on doing it outside of their system.

I wonder if this is something we could discuss directly with someone at Fiverr as it seems like it would be a nice feature for them to add.


Reply to @twistedweb123: I wasn’t sure about that myself either, the another option would be to sell the teammate’s gig at twice the original price, that way everybody gets a fair deal!

How does that sound?


Reply to @jamesosix:

jamesosix said: I Just think the Top rated power sellers would dominate even more of the market.

On the contrary, it's the Top Rate Power Sellers who are in need of outsourcing, they are the ones who would benefiting by outsourcing their surplus work and since they have already made a reputation - the buyers will gladly pay the twice them original price for any gig.

And when Top Sellers outsource from the newbies, the newbies will gain levels! So its a win-win situation :)

And the cycle continues, the newbies get more work and in turn when they grow - they repeat the cycle.


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