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Who will be helping me to get LEVEL 1?

I need 5 orders to get level 1. Level 1 is the first dream of junior. I have completed 80% of level 1 within 21 days. How do I get 5 orders & positive review? Anyone will help me. Level 1, Level 2 and Top rated seller know importance of level 1.

You are the best person to help yourself get to level 1. Promote your gigs, impress your buyers for repeat business and reply to buyer requests. Even if it takes longer than a month, you can do it if you have great gigs!

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Thats ok, But can’t I be level 1 seller in my first 30 days?

Thank you for your replying…

Yes, you can make it in 30 days but not everyone manages it. I see also people gave you advice in another thread and it looks like you didn’t take the good advice. For example, why does your profile say you are from the U.S. if that is incorrect? It would help you to read and use the auggestions on the forums.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Can you tel me step by step to make my profile best.

I will rectify all,

thank you

Thank you, I rectify 1 & 3. I’ going to upload a video…