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Who will save sellers from scam buyers? is it a crime to call a scam buyer "SCAM"?

so this is my 4th year on fiverr with best selling account lost to fiverr restriction in the past due to issues i had with a buyer. Can you imagine losing an account thats almost a top rated seller to restriction just because you refuse to let a buyer cheat you?

this same thing just happened to me again few days ago.

A buyer orders a 10$ gig on your gig page even after you had discussed with him and sent him a 50$ offer for the job description. you go ahead to correct him and send him extras to make up for the price and he agrees and apologizes for the initial mistake he made…

you deliver his job and after first modification, he said the job is great and requests for a download link and you give him …

few hours later, he comes back requesting cancellation on the basis that he found a cheaper seller… does this even make sense to anyone?

i contacted CS and reported and i was told i wont lose my money on the order…

few days later, CS refunded buyer on the basis that i said buyer is a “scam”…

buyer mentioned countless times that i scammed him and CS didnt see that as harsh but when i said the buyer is using scam tactics with me, i was held accountable and thus lost my money with stern warning.



i need to hear your view on this issue please

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No, but it seems to happen often enough. :roll_eyes:

It’s unprofessional.

I know, it’s completely unfair: as we found out in another topic, buyers who spend a lot (but only if they spend a lot) can get away with saying terrible things, while sellers are held accountable for everything they say, including small mistakes they make when tired.

Still, it seems that those are the rules: no matter what the buyer says or does, sellers must remain polite and professional at all times. Sellers who don’t do that risk their accounts.


You cannot say this to a buyer even if he is scamming. Being professional at all times mean you can’t engage in slinging insults. You are the professional. At all times, no matter what.

Fiver does not want even one seller to sink to that level and I can understand why. I’m sorry this happened to you and I do understand how upsetting this is for you.

Or did you say to customer support he is a scam buyer? Did the warning you got involve calling him a scam?

You lost your account as if account got banned?

Thanks for letting me know, I am having a similar situation where buyer is asking for refunds and revisions for all invalid reasons, coming up with a new reason each time it’s pretty ridiculous.

Are you saying you lost your almost top rated seller account for calling a buyer “scam” and now did the same again with this account?

ᴹᵃʸᵇᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ˢʰᵒᵘˡᵈ ᶜʰᵃⁿᵍᵉ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵗᵃᶜᵗᶦᶜ


He tricked you basically by triggering you to insult him. Not professional. Even if he’s a scammer – you insulting people can ruin your rep forever. That’s like an arresting police officer to go and call the arrestee “a piece of cr*p” whatever. That won’t go well.

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yes the warning i got involved calling him a scam buyer. didnt know that was wrong as i was only describing his actions exactly the way it was

ok… noted and i will take this correction

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i didnt lose my “almost top rated account” cos i called a buyer scam… im just saying issues we have with buyer bring us these troubles even when the buyer is visibly wrong… Cs need to do more for sellers

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just find loopholes in his numerous requests which were not part of the original order, contact Cs and table your case… but by all means, avoid using any bad word with the buyer… keep being polite

I agree. But until then, we have no other option but to adapt and be professional in our interaction with our buyers, even when they are the scum of the earth scammer. :man_shrugging: I am sorry, but that’s how it is. I don’t see a better option (as of right now).


yea… we just have to stay professional and be patient even in the face of a daylight robbery

That’s the worst thing happen on fiverr…

Seems like all Fiverr sellers will meet this kind of buyer at least once in their Fiverr journey.

definitely, you will