Who will win IPL 10? Cast your vote

  • Mumbai Indians
  • Rising Pune Super giants
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad
  • Kolkata Knight Riders

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Either Mumbai Indians or Sunrisers Hyderabad.


I would have voted for Pune if they had Ben Stokes, but he has left for England.


I will support the winner team. :sunglasses:


Mumbai Indians will win this year IPL


MI going out tomorrow


Well, who ever wins is my team…Sorry, I’m not that fun at parties


I was 99.99% sure you created this thread.

What were the odds I was incorrect by .01%?


Actually I was 100% sure @writer99025 created this thread so I opened.:innocent:


I think the Kalkuta Grandmothers win. What is IPL?


Indian premier league


Rising Pune supergiants enter into finals



Mumbai Indians are Champions :slight_smile:

My prediction 100% right.


yeah congrats I feel bad for pune



Mumbai team played exceptionally well in this season. They deserved this Season. Any way hard luck for Pune. But they are the true giants.


I am still in a shock how can pune loose this game


@writer99025 atleast Gujarat didn’t end up last as you said. :joy: