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Who would be up for a Copyright Infringement Blitzkrieg?

I know that I moan about this a lot but copyright infringement really upsets me. Much more importantly, copyright infringement on Fiverr should upset you too.

Let me give you an example. I used to make a lot of real estate videos for a Remax agent. This person, however, now uses the services of a competitor who sells stolen Envato video templates. Now, can you imagine how damning it would be for Fiverr’s reputability if Remax itself was approached by the real copyright holder of this material?

Put simply, it’s not something which would be good for anyone on Fiverr, whether they are a Pro Writer who has nothing to do with videography or they sell video testimonials from Jesus Christ.

Anyway, with having a bit of a dry spell, I decided today to spend the whole day revamping my real estate video gigs so that they can compete better against those being offered illegally by my immediate competitors. The only problem? In reality, this simply isn’t going to happen. Literally, 90% of people in my niche are selling spins on the same flashy Envato Studio template for $5 - $50 and I can’t compete with that kind of pricing.

So… I’m going to go all out and start shopping these sellers for the second time around to the original copyright holder, in the hope that they again complain to Fiverr and Fiverr removes these gigs (again) only this time permanently.

Then, however, I had a really cool idea. Namely, why don’t we all do this?

If you sell logos and know that someone else in your niche is selling stolen work, why not hunt down the original copyright holder and make them aware of the fact? Same with video intros etc.

Or from a logical perspective, do you think that Fiverr might actually frown on this?


It’s been up to 10 days and Trust and Safety team did not do NOTHING. I also have envato studio and in studio people can’t download template. Maybe you say for Videohive ?

  • Anyway, trust and safety team requested from me proof that I owe my flyers, I send my personal website (domain owner dashboard etc). My creativemarket and graphicriver profile and guess what ? They told me that they need documents that I have created these flyers, and print screens will not worth. So basically, all people now can use my work in fiverr as their portfolio and I can’t do nothing except to watch them… :grinning:

I love the idea, my concern would be regarding whether it would be effective and also whether it may just annoy CS to get tons of reports in a short space of time. In theory they should welcome this with open arms but it is worth remembering that CS are people and who actually wants a huge extra pile of work to land on their desk?
I actually stopped reporting stuff on the forum unless it was really bad as I was concerned that CS might get sick of me and that when I need them for my own stuff I might get put on the long finger.
Just to say, this is all my own imagination and I have not ever got the impression that CS agents think like this. I am just thinking from my own POV

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Well, it was effective (albeit briefly) for me last time. All the gigs in question were removed and I returned to taking steady orders again. I do get the CS issue but if Fiverr wants to become a place worthy of its new Pro offerings, it really needs to deal with this.

Couldn’t you try a DCMA? Or get Envato to raise a complaint on your behalf? request $100 while Envato says that I need to handle this situation myself. I have reported 40+ gigs and they removed but now they don’t… they request documents which is funny for me. When I create a flyer for sale or a postcard, I don’t make document or something like that. Maybe I am missing something.
Ticket is still open and I asked what document they want but got no response from fiverr cs anymore. Maybe they are sick by me as @eoinfinnegan has said in his example opinion.

In this case, you might want to try applying to be a Pro Seller. Once you have git the badge, you could then complain to Fiverr CS about lowly non-Pro’s stealing your work. - Granted, I admit that it wouldn’t be that easy.

I know I will not be accepted in PRO because I am currently seller here and beside that my repeat buyers will be mad when they see my prices from $30 to $500 . Also, I work just online and I have never worked for some company etc.
I really like your idea and I wish I could do something to protect my work. But I give up…no one can stop them while CS is sleeping. Maybe when Envato studio will be much much better place (without fake sellers and great buyers) then fiverr will try to protect sellers and respect original sellers more…

The idea is ok, but the problem is that participants have to put a lot of time into it.

The copyright infringement will be resolved once a law suit is on the horizon, like it was with the Amazon reviews. In my opinion it’s rather the question when it happens than if it happens.