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Whoa! What happened?!

I’m a voiceover seller and I’ve been a Top Rated Seller for quite a while. I have just shy of 3000 review with rating of 100% Until the end of last year, my I was clearing $1000 to $1500 a month. December was the first time I dropped below $900 in a long time, and then in January it was $600, February was $500, and if the first few days of March are any indication, I can expect even less this month! The big issue for me is that for reasons unknown, my page position in the “High Rating” page in the voiceovers category dropped WAY down. I used to be in the top four or five rows, but I’m currently sitting in the basement of ROW 21! Have I run afoul of the Fiverr bosses? Am I being punished for some unknown infraction? I don’t know. Friends, especially my fellow voiceover sellers, if you’ve experienced a similar sudden, inexplicable drop in both page position and sales, please contact me or reply to this post. I’m getting desperate. Fiverr helps me put food on the table for my wife and the seven kids I’ve still got living at home. This stinks!

I would suggest that you write to Customer Support, explain what you said here but with very polite and professional wording. CS sometimes checks on these things and finds an actual issue they can fix. Once in a while a gig gets dropped due to a glitch or a misinterpreted issue. Unless you did something like switched to a category that was inaccurate or they caught a violation like an unapproved URL, it could just be a mistake.

Fiverr does also rotate gigs in terms of top search, so they might not be willing to move it, but it just never hurts to ask. They are far more likely to assist you if you are super nice and only submit a single ticket even if it takes them quite a while to answer it. I wouldn’t even mention any emotion attached to it even though I totally understanding about feeding the family! Your best bet with some CS reps is to stick with the basics. Good luck!

Added: I took a look at your gig and I’ll mention one other tricky issue. I think your category allows packages. I’ve seen some people say that implementing them has really boosted them as long as they don’t overprice the lowest one. I’ve also seen some people mention seeing a notice that indicated that gigs with packages are now given preference in search. I do not have any idea if that is true, but I’ve seen it repeated and the timing isn’t far off from what you describe and when packages were implemented. Just something to consider and you could ask CS if that has an impact on your search position and see if they are willing to answer that.

Thanks, fonthaunt! I appreciate your helpful reply!

Sure thing. I don’t have nearly the experience you do but I do read a ton of posts and get a lot of info that way! I hope it helps. If you do want to try the package thing, you could either do it on your current gig and take it off if it doesn’t work, or try a new gig. You could still come up with something similar to your current gig but slightly different. Maybe look at some other VO artist gigs and see what they do. You could try packages on the new one and see what kind of impact it has. :slight_smile:

You’ve got so many reviews! I’m sorry this has happened. I hope you find a way to improve this situation.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking… over 3700! Impressive!

Sorry to hear about your experience. I know the voice over category is very congested. One thing that you can try is adjust your video preview thumbnail. Right now it does not stand out. If you could adjust it to a thumbnail showing you I think it would attract more buyers.

The other thing I noticed is your gig description seems very full. You could space it out a bit and place this paragraph for example into your buyer requirements (PLEASE INCLUDE PRONUNCIATIONS FOR ANY NAMES, ACRONYMS OR UNUSUAL/OBSCURE WORDS OR NON-ENGLISH WORDS. YOU MUST LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WANT IN TERMS OF TONE AND PACE. )

Maybe consider posting other voice over gigs as well. Can you imitate certain voices?
You have a great video and gig description I am sure you will be back up there in no time. Wishing you best of luck!!!

I’ve had a drastic decrease myself although, I am not a top seller. I don’t know what’s happened. I appreciate all the insight here!

I agree that editing the video so that your face shows rather than just an empty black space with an arrow in the middle would help on your gig photo/video. I also think you could make a couple more gigs, similar to your main gig but different somehow. Just use a great picture of your face in them. Fiverr loves faces.