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Whole gigs keywords not working properly

How are you? Please check my video. I mentioned my problems in the video
Thank you


Hi Redoy :relaxed:

I am really happy to see you and I also watch your video and know the problem very well
this is a keyword missing problem which is you’re trying to say, but you should contact the Fiverr CS so they fix it

Thanks :heartpulse:

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This is not going to get “fixed” any time soon.

I once searched for LOGO design and the first gig that was in search result did not have “logo” or design mentioned anywhere, not even once, so how come it was shown in search results.

Sometimes I search and i get completely different results that are not related to the search.

You can ask Fiverr but this is long ang bigger issue then just your keywords.

Many of Time i have discussed fiverr support on my problem. But i can’t find any solution

It might have had a synonym/related word to “logo” or “design” in the gig somewhere.

No, nothing.

But hey, what is the logic if i search for logo and I get “low go-kart”?

They say keywords are important but if I put overlay in text and then search for gigs with overlay in it and I am not in the results but someone who has discolay …

I agree it shouldn’t show results with no relevant words. Maybe if it does and doesn’t show yours with that keyword you could create a support ticket about it (with attachments/text showing which gig(s) it returned with no relevant words) and see if it can be fixed.

The related word thing is I think a function of ElasticSearch/Solr search that they use. Maybe they could tell it how close they want the word to be or sort on it. Also while they return results with different, but related words (eg. composition/compositions when searching for “compositing”). They don’t return the same results when search for different spellings of the same word (color and colour).

But it is not just me just one words. All keywords are messes up. You pick a keyword and I am going to show you how on first 3 pages there are results that are not directly connected to that, while 1000 others that have the same word in their description are not listed in results.

The issue is in search feature being all off.

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