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Whole mistake was by buyer but Fiverr's support team punished me with a warning

Hi, I’m working as seller since 5 months
My experience was great I’m following Fiverr’s all policies & rules…
I was about near to achieve level one only 4% away from required order completion rate.
But one day an unknown guy placed an order with two days delivery time without discussing with me. while I had clearly mentioned in my gig “Please contact me before placing the order” I was not available to do work on that placed order.
If I cancel my order cancellation rate will decrease that’s why I contacted support team to remove this order on my account without effecting my order completion rate & they did not replied within 2 days & order was expiring never want to decrease my “Deliver on time” rate that’s why I delivered that empty order so that I can get more three days & support team will solve this issue within these days. because they did not relplied yet.
Finally support team respond after the one day of order delivery expiry date & I had already delivered that before expiry.
Before discussing this issue with me without knowing my situation & actual matter, support team placed a warning on my account that I had violated delivery button policy. as well as they cancelled the already delivered order & effected my order completion rate decreased 3% more with a warning on my account.
In this whole above story whole mistake was by buyer but Fiverr’s support team punished me without my any mistake. I went 30 days back to get level one. while I was only 4% away to get level one all other condition was completed. right now my completion rate is also decreased & got an un expected warning.
By this act I really disappointed by Fiverr’s support team. they cares only buyers not sellers. while I always try best and did really hard work day and night since many months to achieve this level one. but everything they wasted & really disappointed now.


From what I see it is fully your fault. Contacting before placing order isn’t a rule. If you feel you won’t be available on all days you should have added more days time limit for your gigs instead of complaining.


Your mistake was making an empty delivery (or delivering something other than the actual work).

A seller must not deliver irrelevant files just to stop the order’s clock. This is a blatant violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


In addition to what @uk1000 posted:

Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.


Why did you want to cancel order ?
Your gig was open and anyone can place order, there is no rule of discussing things before placing order.

If you were not available you should have turn on OOO mode but you did not and you delivered Empty file that is violation of Delivery system, more like you tried to trick system to get 3 extra days.


Stop trying to blame others for something that you need to accept responsibility for.

  1. Buyers do not have to contact sellers before placing an order.

  2. If you’re not able to complete orders within your specified timeframe, then you seriously need to reconsider your advertised delivery time.

  3. Delivering an empty order is against Fiverr’s terms of service.

Your buyer was not at fault. Customer support was not at fault. You were.

You say

… but clearly you’re not.

By your own admission, the above quote from your post is utter nonsense.


He said:

I was not available to do work on that placed order.

If it was just because of availability maybe he should have just paused the gig or like suggested, entered a different delivery time, or changed max orders in queue.


You did indeed break the ToS by doing this and nothing your buyer does makes it okay to breach the ToS.

Policy is policy. You don’t get to break it for any reason.

It’s utterly ridiculous to say you’re following Fiverr’s policy because your yourself said you did the thing that broke it.

Your problem is that you think circumstance permits you to break a policy. It doesn’t.

Your buyer didn’t break the ToS. You did.


Hi, Thank you so much all of you guys. & I learnt many things from your sincerely guidelines & advice. And I apologies. Many best wishes for all of you. Stay Blessed. Good Day!