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Whoops...Fiverr informed me my account has been flagged


Oopsy…I had no idea I was breaking the rules. I thought I had found a much better way to communicate with a client by clicking on the “Deliver” button to ask questions. Clients were responding faster to my questions and all was good. Right? NO, NO, NO according to the Fiverr police. I got my hand slapped with my account being flagged. What exactly happens when an account is flagged? How long will my account be flagged? Do possible clients still see my gigs? I was also told “if I continue to abuse the delivery button, my account will be suspended”. YIKES! I guess that’s what I get for not knowing TOS.
Oh well…life was good there for a while with gigs being ordered on a daily basis, communication with clients was quick and easy…but alas, I’m now a “rule breaker” in Fiverr’s eyes. Sorry Fiverr…I promise to clean up my act and walk the straight and narrow. Keep on truckin!!


Hello, that’s called “empty delivery” and it’s a huge no-no as you found out. People have been banned for that so you are lucky youjust got a warning this time. I’m not sure what flagged means but I think it’s a warning only.

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ha ha ha @purpledog32 don’t do this again, I am also got a warning, :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


I can see your gigs :slight_smile: so you probably “only” got a warning. Else they’d have said “your account is temporarily put on hold for review” or something like that.

Abuse of the delivery button is a big thing in the ToS. There are other big things too, you better read the ToS very thoroughly now, as you already have one strike. There’s no guarantee that the suspension would only happen if you do the same thing again (which of course you won’t now), so better try to not risk another warning, never mind for what.

As for “how long”, warnings count for 30 days I think, but that’s just in regard to the levels, i.e. you won’t level up or would be demoted to the next lower level, depending, on Level evaluation day.
I can’t imagine they get deleted, else people could simply violate ToS over and over again without consequences.


Honestly…I had no idea I was breaking the rules. Maybe Fiverr should design the “Deliver” button so it only works if something is attached. Right now there’s only a message that asks, “Do you want to continue with no attachment?” Maybe that message should state that if you continue with no delivery, you are in violation of Fiverr’s TOS.


Though continuing without an attachment doesn’t necessarily mean the seller is continuing with no delivery. They may have linked to a file that they are delivering (eg. on dropbox, which I think CS has sometimes also suggested to use from reading the forum).

What they could do is check whether there is an attachment and also check whether there is a link (URL) in the deliver box, and maybe only then, if both are missing, give a different warning. Though maybe some (valid) deliveries could just be text in the text box. Though for those they could attach a text file instead.

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It seems straightforward enough that it’s for the final delivery.

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Well, to be honest I don’t think it’s necessary.
You knew what is deliver button for, but sasenly you decided that people will communicate better with you if they see message “here is your delivery”, of course they see it and open it faster only to find out that it’s empty.
Someone was really unhappy with that and complained to fiverr support.
But anyway, “deliver” button is quite straight forward and you were even skipping the message that you are sending it without an attachment. If one warning not to send empty delivery didn’t stop you why should 2 stop you again?

Fiverr is not a babysitter and they wouldn’t joke your hand asking two times for each step “are you sure you want to break the rules”

That doesn’t sound like an honest mistake, that sounds like you knew you were doing it wrong but you didn’t think that you account might be restricted for that.


They don’t have to complain to support for support to know that no delivery was sent. After a delivery is sent the buyer is given an option of whether to accept it, and if they don’t accept, to select a reason, where one of the reasons is something like “nothing was delivered”. They could have just selected that option.


Very good points! You’re so right…Fiverr is not a babysitter. Thanks for setting me straight .