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Who's feeding Fiverr?


This isn’t really a rant, just an observation that isn’t interesting enough for the “Chit Chat” board. :slight_smile:

Did some hugely popular website put out a particularly motivating “make money on the internet” article recently? Perhaps directing folks specifically to Fiverr?

There’s always an influx of new users from the end of one year through the first couple months of the next one, but it seems like so many of the new forum posters are practically cutting & pasting their discussions. More like following a template, actually. They seem to be obviously slanted toward the old online standby of ‘establishing oneself as an expert’ offering free advice (keyword rich) and generally being friendly & inviting without so much follow-through.

I’m not being cynical or critical, I’m just curious if anyone knows what the specific catalyst might be this time. ‘They’ all seem quite enthusiastic about sowing the content seeds.