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WHO'S going to be nominated for TOP RATED SELLER :-

WHO’S going to be nominated for TOP RATED SELLER :- let’s get recognize - you’re going to be nominated for TRS.

Why still manual…

my static meets these all criteria - What’s your?

  • Yes - I’m eligible for this :slight_smile:
  • No - I’m still far away :frowning:

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I’m just curious. That screenshot doesn’t look like it is nominated. Can you show what is on the left side? Is there any red part?

It puts an exclamation mark on the icon. You have met all TRS criteria, what about the Level 2?

Kindly let us see what the left side says.



If you do read the Left side - Title - That is for remain current Level 2 Not for nomination of TRS. :smile:

left side marking not necessary for get nomination :wink:

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True. But it is more necessary than the promotion.

I think it is necessary, you need your current stats to be all green in order to get promoted.

You should worry about getting a demotion if the left side is not all green


Yeah… I know about that. And My one is showing 89%. Which is 1% less to go green and I’m sure. It will be green before 14th Jan. :smile:

Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!! :beer::beers::clinking_glasses:

That’s call few people are too negative here :slight_smile:

Right now I am eligible for a demotion, delivery time 74%. Everything else okay. What to do, bunch of orders were made together as my gigs have become very popular with new buyers since last 2-3 months. I am a victim of my own recent success.


Ok Congrats! I was only trying to make sure you understood.

Some people might get disappointed because they don’t understand. Good luck!!!

dang, that’s quite ironic…I hope you can yank it up to 90%!


Friend - you can make it into Green “over the 90%” easily.

Just deliver few order faster than normal delivery time and It will be green :smile:

LOL - for that I will have to work 20-21 hours a day :smile: My health and sanity is more important.

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I will really hate to see competent TRS lose their badges. I really wish you luck


LOL…TRS or no TRS, I will be here and people will know how to find me :grinning: [Understand - Fiverr is just a platform for me where my clients can place an order and make payment. It is not an ego thing - I haven’t told even my mom about it. Only you guys and my clients know I am on Fiverr, nobody in real life. My perspective is different.]


true, IF for example I lost my TRS badge and got demoted to level 2, I won’t mind that much as long as people continue to order my gigs. Hopefully me becoming a level 2 won’t change my seller’s minds!


Yeah…some how, that’s not matter for you but after all - If you do get demote - you’ll loose ability to withdraw faster revenue and more.

That’s bad! Gods are not on our side. We need to offer sacrifices… in the Volcano…


LOL…it’s not a big deal for me. I make money and withdraw money every day.

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Actually, no one knows I’m on Fiverr too.

Getting the TRS is not for the ego (at least for me). It is the perks that come with it plus something to reward dedication and hardwork.


The only reward I need is the appreciation of my clients for my hard work and their money, which I get a lot of. Here’s the thing - buyers - at least my buyers - don’t care about TRS/levels etc. They want high quality work at low cost, and will favor me as long as I provide them with them. 80% of my buyers are repeat buyers. Only recently I have been getting lots of new buyers which is why my delivery time is low.