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Who's going to the Fiverr Community Get Together in LA?

I’ve never actually met another Fiverr seller, so I’m excited about this event. Just seeing if there’s anyone in the LA area going or People actually flying in for it.

Thanks Bachas, was kind of hoping you’d be there Miss Fiverr celebrity ha ha! But yeah, I feel pretty lucky to be invited :slight_smile:

This sounds like fun, I wonder if people do fiverr meetups using that meetup website. I guess all of us here could be pioneers and set up face to face fiverr communities all around the globe. Thinking big!

Wow! something like this also happening. Glad to know.

@creativeman: That’s a great idea! I’m not a Redditor but I have a lot of friends that are and they have a lot of meet up groups. What meet up website are you talking about?

Did you attend the event? If so, how did it go?

Hi @KissReviews, yeah I went. It was awesome, I had a really amazing time. It was really cool meeting other sellers, hearing their stories and their Fiverr experiences. I met @mikerips who does gigs like mine and we were talking about collaborating on a gig together and it turns out we pretty much live on the same street. I got to meet and chat with The Fiverr Team including The CEO, they are all young, very cool and were totally open to ideas an suggestions. Next time they host an event on the East Coast you should definitely go!

Thanks for the update! I would definitely attend if an event were in my neck of the woods, that’s for sure.

Did you get any cool swag?

Reply to @badbeehavior: How awesome to meet a Fiverr in your neighborhood? I would love that :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! And yeah, got a sweet aluminum fiverr beverage holder, T-shirt, Lip Balm, stickers and really cool fiverr MOLESKINE fiverr notebook(can never have too many notebooks for jotting down new fiverr ideas :wink:

Ever consider adding video of you explaining to your gigs?

Niiice. I love a goody bag :slight_smile: And I really love MOLESKIN notebooks, how awesome is that?

I have considered adding video but, honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll have to read up on it.

Just something as simple as just recording it with your phone and I’m if you don’t know or have video editing software I’m sure you can find someone to put it together for you real nice for you here on fiverr :wink: Just an idea and a small investment that might help out your fiverr business.

I’m going to add the videos to my growing to-do list. Thanks for the push :slight_smile: