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Who's your dream client?

Who would you love to work with, even if its for free :slight_smile:



I have a couple of signed contracts that I had in place before I came to Fiverr.

They are pretty excellent clients.

I have clients here from the US, UK and Australia who are pretty good to me.

I think the ideal client is one that respects the Seller, gives the Seller repeat business and may even refer someone else to that Seller because of the relationship.


There are many people with whom I like to work with! But not for free, except if its emergency, that too if he or she is my regular client!


Very good, yes, mutual respect is key.

That’s good. :slight_smile: :+1:

In my case, the best client is who provides the requirements of the project accurately and in detail.
Some clients don’t think in seller’s perspective when explaining about project. I usually start project with clear instruction, otherwise the relation with client would go bad because I should might revision project multiple times.


Yeah, clear communication makes life easier for everybody.

I my case, it’s a client that can describe the illustration he wants very well. I can work way faster when I can picture clearly the drawing in my head and the chances of having to do revisions on the order are low. But I wouldn’t do the job for free no matter what…only exception is my daughter, she is the only one who can get a drawing for free.:wink:


Lol :slight_smile: Daughter’s rates :slight_smile: Yeah, good communication saves a lot of time for everybody.

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I just got a review from this regular client:

You will find Benedict’s service is intellectually invigorating. He can electronically paint your poetry to video at the same time define your sound irrespective of the Genre or Emotion of the message you are communicating. Simply Put, Simply the Best…

This fellow is a joy to work for as he values me for me and trusts that I am working for his best - or as I like to put it, helping his Story get told right.

It is odd in some ways that as a Mix Engineer who is an Athiest, I am making videos for a great client who is a God Rocker.

The details don’t matter. Telling the Story does.



That review has to put a big smile on your face. You get to do the job you love, get paid for it and then get appreciation like that. Makes it all worth while. Well done.

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The complete buyer persona is a bit too long and too personal. Yet here is the shortest version… People with business or professional experience who are daring enough to try something exotic, aware of the risk, and always hungry while sporting the abundance mindset.

Why do you ask?

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tbh, anyone who offers a doable challenge who knows what they want, is someone I like to work with. When the customer knows what they want, it is easier for me to meet their expectations and to even exceed those expectations. Fortunately, almost all my clients have seemed to know what they want and to even be able to describe it with tangible and clear terms. Having some challenge also allows me to grow as a producer and business person and to build reputation.



I ask the question out of curiosity. It’s an interesting topic and there’s the chance to learn something from other people’s perspectives or experiences.

I like that. Yes indeed a common theme seems to be good two way communication.
And even a bit of discomfort or challenge can help us grow (I hope :slight_smile: )

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As per mine… Good Communication and proper requirement of the project to explain easy that’s save the time and easily you understand… Also main is respect.

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Very good Kinjan. Respect is a biggie.

I got a client sometime ago who gave me lots of work. They placed a new order every week for almost a year. They had easy to follow instructions and were really easy to work with. They respected my process and left generous tips. Once the project was over, they promised to return next time they needed similar work and also to refer me to their friends.

That is my dream client.


Wow, can we get that customer cloned :slight_smile: Sounds like the ideal client.

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