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Who's your favorite artist?

I’m a big lover of art history and art. Since I’ve been buying and selling on Fiverr, some really good artists have come to my attention. My favorite, by far, is most definitely @lenasemenkova, though. My home church has been getting a lot of our graphics from her, and they’re all so good (Pastor absolutely adores her work)! In her last order, though, she definitely outdid herself:

Lena’s style is definitely bright and artsy, and I can always see the care she puts into my orders. My favorite things hands down, though, is that the people she puts in my art are black. Now, I know what you might be thinking— Bad Graphter, Racist Graphter. But hear me out: Every designer I’ve worked with before her has put white people in all the graphics, and that’d be fine if we weren’t a predominantly black church. The fact that she does this shows her awareness and attention to detail, two qualities a lot of the designers here on Fiverr could learn from.

She really helped us step up our graphic game and showed me how fun church graphics could be. And she brought to life art outside of a modernist context for me. Y’all should really check her out if you ever get the chance.

Anyway, who’s your favorite artist and why? How’d you find them? What about their art speaks to you?


I found a fantastic digital portrait artist here on Fiverr a year or two back. I hired her for 6-8 portraits for a popular story project that I direct. Some of her portraits have already been in use within that story, and my fans love them. Unfortunately, the artist is no longer on Fiverr, and, apparently, no longer available for additional commissions. I’m glad I hired her for the portraits that I did.

There are some great artists here on Fiverr. You often have to weed through many not-so-great artists in order to find them. But, when you do, you’ll often have a diamond in the rough.


There are so many great artists on fiverr it’s impossible to choose. If there were artists of the quality of some, they could earn a huge salary in a lot of American cities.

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Beautiful colors and style!

You’re being too kind. Thank you.

The funny thing is, before I became a freelancer I thought I couldn’t work with color very well. Or maybe I was afraid to use a lot of it. Now look what freelancing does to people. :slight_smile:

I buy a lot of Samantha Mash art. She’s on Etsy, not here. The way she works with color/shapes just speaks to me on a very personal level for some reason. And most of the artworks can be bought in bite sized-formats (stickers, pins, postcards) so it’s affordable and you can carry it with you and on you.

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